January 12, 2013
Thrift Store Thursday #6

Wow, it's been a while -- I almost feel like I've forgotten how to do these things. 😀

So I mentioned in the last brief update that I've been a bit distracted by customizing. That's true, but I've also been messing with this smartphone I got over the holidays -- trying to figure out what it can do and whether I'll be using it to handle certain tasks around the site. If you've been following Scary-Crayon on tumblr and Facebook (and Twitter, to a lesser extent), you've seen some of my experimentation with that -- posting snaps from the toy aisles and random musings while I'm on the go. And while I'm thinking that I'll probably keep using the old digital camera for studio snaps and convention appearances (it's just got better photography capabilities, even though it technically boasts fewer megapixels), I'm thinking I'll transition over to the cellphone camera for shots that don't need to be super awesome.

$1.30 of thrift store toys (following discounts but before tax). What lies within these dusty plastic bags?

Along those lines, here's the cellphone camera-captured Thrift Store Thursday #6! Today we'll be looking at two bags of toys: one that cost 40 cents (the tag says 60, but I got it on one of the 1/3 off days) and another that cost 90 cents. Aaand yeah, let's just delve right in.

A one-armed Green Goblin and... Dumbo?

The first bag -- the 60 40-cent one -- didn't have much in it: just a Spider-Man Classics Green Goblin (missing his left arm from the bicep on down) and an unarticulated Dumbo rattle thing. Obviously, I grabbed this for the Goblin! I can probably eventually find some use for the rest of the figure, but I'm mostly interested in the head: if you saw the last post, you know that I'm working on a HIM custom... and I think that the Goblin's head might work well for that. I'd planned to use a Joker, but hey -- we use what we have, and Goblin's already got the pointy ears. (And if it doesn't work out, I can always track that Joker down later.)

Holy crap, that's a lot of dolls.

Next up, the 90-cent bag, which was filled with... wow. Okay. I knew there were more than a couple of dolls in that bag, but I was NOT expecting to pull doll after doll after doll after doll out of it. There's 15 freakin' dolls in there -- and that's not even counting the baby, the three headless bodies, and the two pairs of legs! (And a sticker set for girls who really love their mothers.) I wanted a few Polly Pocket-sized dolls with rooted hair for a goofy project of mine, but holy shiz. Ah well; I'm sure I'll figure something out! I do like the look of the larger dollhouse chick... maybe with some modification she could be a decent Mary Jane or something.

Totally looks like Skyler Samuels. Don't you agree?

Also, this doll totally looks like Skyler Samuels.

(That's all I've got -- see ya next time!)

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