January 25, 2013
It’s Scary-Crayon’s birthday!!!

Aaaaaand, sadly, I don't have an update ready for today. ;___;

But don't fret! Things have been kinda slow, but the site's not going anywhere -- I've just been kinda busy fooling around with new peripherals and stuff that will hopefully facilitate the generation of new content in the very near future! In fact, I should have some new articles to post in the next few days, including a review of the (official) inaugural ball that followed the 57th Presidential inauguration. (Getting prepped for that also kept me kinda busy in the days immediately preceding Monday; otherwise I'd totally have had content ready for today.)

Tickets to the inaugural ball!

Anyway, yeah -- more content soon, and also CONTESTS! So stay tuned for that stuff, mmmkay? 🙂

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