February 13, 2013
Thrift Store Thursday #7

$2.20 for three bags of thrift store toys.

Yep -- it's been a while, but it's finally time for another installment of Thrift Store Thursday! Today we'll be delving into three plastic baggies totaling $2.20: two 60-cent bags and one for a whole buckaroo. Take a good, long stare at the bags in the above pic to see if you can figure out what's in 'em... and then click through (or scroll down) to find out if you're right.

Ready? Let's go!

Various crappy figures and a one-armed Spider-Man

Above, we have the contents of one of the 60-cent bags: a miniature policeman, two of the Seven Dwarves (I want to say Dopey and Grumpy, but I'm totally not looking it up), two figurines of Simon from the live-action Chipmunks film, one truly horrific Berenstain Bear mom with the flocking mostly rubbed off of her face, a Thing figure that probably came from a Happy Meal, a JLU Flash, and an Obi-Wan from Hasbro's chibified Star Wars line. And, bringing up the rear, there's a Spider-Man with a great deal of articulation... though he's down five points since he's missing most of his right arm.

Really, the contents of this bag were pretty sad. They were also kinda disgusting, since when I got the Flash out I noticed that there was this sticky gunk on his back... and stuck in that gunk was HAIR. Maybe human, maybe animal, maybe My Little Pony -- but super gross in any case. This is why I really look down upon parents (and grandparents) who buy toys for their kids at the thrift store; it really is like giving the kids pre-sucked lollipops to enjoy. Yes, toys are expensive, but dollar stores do exist and at least the toys there (presumably) aren't covered in gunk and hair from who knows what. ICK.

But even though I didn't see the nastiness on Flash's back, I did know what was otherwise in the bag before I brought it to the register. So why'd I buy it at all? Well, I can potentially use some of Spidey's bits for joint-splicing experiments... and sometimes potential is worth a couple of quarters and a dime.

Two superarticulated Iron Men, the Batman, and a monkey.

Next up, we have these four figures -- all of which were within the second 60-cent bag and none of which was icky with gunk or strands of hair. I have no idea what the monkey is from, but the others are fairly obvious: one is a figure from Mattel's The Batman line and the other two are Iron Man figures from Hasbro's 6" line for the first movie. I grabbed the bag for the latter two: any superarticulated figure has potential customizing use, and for 30 cents each I'll gladly toss them in the fodder bin to await the day that I require their multi-jointed limbs. If nothing else, I could probably repaint the Cap-colored Iron Man into a Foot Soldier of sorts to pad Shredder's ranks.

Two dudes from KISS

And finally, in the $1 bag, we have figures of two KISS members! I believe these are from the line McFarlane put out a long while ago. I don't really know anything about KISS -- I couldn't tell a KISS song from a Justin Bieber one with absolute certainty -- but the figures could come in handy for stuff. The spiky bits on the one might be useful for a Shredder incarnation or some other character sporting bladed armor, and I'm half tempted to use the high-heeled dragon boots on my HIM (from the Powerpuff Girls 'toon) custom. Sure, they'd be completely inaccurate in terms of the character's design... but they are fiercely sexy, and in that respect they'd suit HIM just fine.

Okey-doke, that does it for this installment of Thrift Store Thursday! See you next time, when we'll spotlight toys that will hopefully be a whole lot less sticky and hairy! Unless we're talking about rooted hair, anyway. Rooted hair is acceptable.

But I never want my toys sticky.

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  • Hero says:

    I usually soak 2nd hand stuff in a bowel with warm water and denture powder as shown in Action Figure Digest.

    Will happily take the Disney Dwarves from you.

    That arm-folded Simon Seville would make an easy straightjacket custom.

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