February 21, 2013
Thrift Store Thursday #8

$1.00 worth of thrift store toys!

It's (actually) Thursday, so let's do things up with another installment of Thrift Store Thursday! In the eighth edition, we'll be looking at two bags of thrift store toys totaling $1.00 in cost. Click through for a look inside today's plastic sandwich bags, and let's hope that the grossness is kept to a minimum!

One tricked out ninja and three Lavagirl figures.

The first bag, which cost 30 cents, doesn't contain anything all that exciting. There's one of those dollar store ninjas -- and while I'm not thrilled because I'm well familiar with these things, I do admittedly always find myself impressed with the range of accessories these guys have. Check it out: dude's got a hang glider with swiveling engine parts and dangling handle things (presumably so other ninjas can join him on his airborne journey), detachable rocket boosters/laser guns (unseen; they peg into the top), and a sword and a sai for slicing strikes once his stealthy feet silently settle on the rooftops of his enemies. It's also pretty impressive that all of these items are still with this sky blue warrior of the skies, seeing as how most thrift store toys are well played-with items that are often missing not only accessories, but also limbs and/or heads!

And then there's the reason I couldn't turn down this bag despite its almost nonexistent customizing uses: it has not one, not two, but three Happy Meal Lavagirls. I never did see The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D, but I've always thought that Lavagirl's costume was kinda neat (must be all that pink). Also, in recent years, I've been curious to see Taylor Lautner in an early role in which he's not playing a buff werewolf with horrible and ultimately pedophilic taste in women. Anyway, these Lavagirls are kinda useless and actually look a little horrific -- like light-up (they light up, though one of them's got a dead battery) translucent pink-frosted Oompa Loompa elves -- but eh. If I have to pay 30 cents for an excuse to write "light-up translucent pink-frosted Oompa Loompa elves," I'll slam down three dimes on the counter with authority.

There's actually some kind of weird spectrum thing going on here.

The contents of the 70-cent bag make it one of the more interesting bags I've picked up at the thrift store -- if only because of the spectrum covered by the items within. On the one hand, we've got Humpty Dumpty (as he appears in Puss in Boots) and Spongebob Squarepants, who come from properties clearly intended for and that largely appeal to children. But while those two (particularly the latter) do have some crossover appeal for geeky adults, it's even more pronounced for Power Rangers and G.I. Joe -- which are, respectively, represented by the Super Samurai Green Ranger and Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes, by the way, is a stylized version of his live-action film incarnation... which brings us to the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four, who is also seen here in his live-action film skin. And whereas we began with stuff that mostly appeals to kids and moved to properties that reach all ages, I think we're approaching a point at which the Fantastic Four primarily appeals to geeks of the adult variety... so Johnny Storm here represents the end of the spectrum opposite Humpty Dumpty. The Human Torch figure itself follows that trend, too: whereas most of the items in this bag are Happy Meal toys and Snake Eyes, as an Action Battler, is a figure with kid appeal (action feature) and collector appeal (the figure's stylized look gives it proportions not unlike the fan-beloved Sigma Six designs), Torchy's abundant articulation places him more squarely in the collector figure column despite his 5" scale. I have no idea where the diminutive Bakugan dragon-bat orb thing belongs on our spectrum, though. 😛

Anyway, I clearly grabbed that bag for Torchy -- articulation is good and joints can be useful for custom figure splicing experiments -- but parts of Snake Eyes (like his head and hands) may come in handy too. And apparently there was a Humpty Dumpty horror movie in the works -- and even the original nursery rhyme is kinda creepy if you think about it -- so I could see painting up the Humpty Dumpty all spooky like and spattered with blood for kicks.

...And all the king's horses and all the king's mencouldn't put Humpty together agai...

Actually, no. That's not right. They succeeded in reassembling Humpty Dumpty.


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