June 6, 2015
Scary-Crayon LIVES!!!

That's right -- after over a year without any official updates to the front page, Scary-Crayon actually finally does have a bona fide NEW ARTICLE! It's about my experience with Sci-Fi Speed Dating at this year's Awesome Con, and... well, yeah, just read the article if you want my detailed thoughts. The short of it: save the undisclosed $20 fee and the way paying it colored my attitude towards the event and its organizers, it was okay.

Anyway, new Scary-Crayon article. YAY! And there are more to come. DOUBLE YAY! Of course, I say that every time I write something here -- so clearly my word isn't to be trusted -- but tonight? Tonight there really is fresh content on Scary-Crayon. Please raise your glasses and join me in a celebratory drink. We've all earned it.

Until next time, whenever that is. <3

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