August 7, 2012
HAUNTED Papa Smurf custom figure!

Just posted this to my DeviantArt page -- figured I'd post it here as well since I mentioned I'd start doing stuff like that. 😛

One more look at the ghost before I'm gonna make it leave~

Behold: HAUNTED Papa Smurf, a gritty, "ghostly" black-and-white repaint of the movie Papa Smurf figure. I posted a mostly finished version of it on the tumblr a while ago (also with Raph there for comparison), but I'd been holding off on declaring it "complete" because I wasn't satisfied with the final touch -- the glow effect. But the other week I found this stuff that claimed to have a super light-absorbent formula, so I decided to give it a shot. AND HOLY JEEZ IT RULES. I had to fiddle with the camera settings to photograph it effectively, but the figure really does glow that brightly. It's awesome.

Even so, the effect is kinda uneven -- and I'm thinking that's mostly because of the black detail work on the figure (which was the idea; the glow paint is translucent so the black underneath still shows through and mutes the glow there), but also could be because of the paint coverage. So I'm going to experiment with some other techniques (maybe watering the paint down a good amount and/or mixing it with alcohol to increase coverage/adhesion) and even perhaps hitting figures with a glow-in-the-dark spraypaint. I doubt anything will glow as strongly as this stuff, but maybe it'll help to even out the coverage effect. We'll see.

At any rate, now I need to find more things to make glow. :mrgreen:

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