August 22, 2012
Thrift Store Thursday #2

It's Thursday, right? Liar -- of course it's Thursday. THRIFT STORE THURSDAY, that is! Check out the initial installment if you don't know the drill -- otherwise we'll jump right into this time's thrift store selections. Here goes!

More bags of toys from the thrift store!

Today we'll be looking at three bags o' thrift store goodies toys that I'd probably rather not touch but might someday end up being useful for my customizing activities. As the orange tags in the image denote, the three bags carried prices of $1.00, $0.70, and $0.60 -- for a grand total of $2.30 before tax. That's not much at all -- and you might be surprised to find what two bucks and some change will net you in dusty unloved toys!

So since I generally like to start with the cheapest item, the $0.60 bag is above and to the left. Note its contents: Dead-Eye Duck and the Toad Air Marshall from Playmates Toys's Bucky O'Hare line, a squeezable stress-type star that reads, "Picture Yourself Greek! Spring 2009," and a really tall and lanky and creepy bendable rabbit. Now, I could care less about the latter two items (though admittedly the rabbit could be useful if I wanted to make an Easter-themed Slender Man custom or something), but I'm all about some Bucky O'Hare! I'd probably have paid $0.60 for Dead-Eye Duck alone -- especially considering that the toy still has two of his pistols -- and the Toad Air Marshall just sweetens the pot. These might actually end up in the collection, though I can definitely see trying to graft another figure's arms onto Dead-Eye Duck in order to articulate that sucker.

The next bag above (with the horribly bright flash that kinda obscures them, but hey -- it's not like we're doing deep and detailed reviews here) is the $0.70 one. Not too much in it -- just a Sheriff Woody in a copper spacesuit and a Transformers movie Scorponok that's missing its leg pieces -- but these too have their potential uses. Woody would actually be fairly easy to articulate while preserving a robotic spaceman look (swivel-hinge joints at the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles would provide him with a great range of motion), and incomplete Transformers are nevertheless useful for the abundant tiny screws used to hold them together. I could also see taking Scorponok's arms and putting them onto another figure -- like Woody here -- to make a creepy clawed robot thing.

$1.00 buys... Woody, a Halo dude, a grasshopper sandbox rake, a kids' meal Snake Eyes, a panda dude, a die-cast airplane, and a Halo enemy arm.

And here's the final bag -- which cost a whopping $1.00! That's usually more than I like to pay for toys from the thrift store, but I had to go for it given the Halo figure within. In addition to being pretty awesome in their own right, these things have a wealth of joints that can be stolen for use in other figures... so I'm really not sure what the fate of this unknown Spartan will be. Hell, the wrist hinges are even small enough for them to provide ankle articulation to a 3.75" figure... or to give the 2012 April O'Neil figure bending knees. Hmmm. And there's even a stray arm from a Halo enemy, so that's one more joint (and a hand) that I can harvest for some other purpose.

The other stuff -- a die-cast airplane, another Sheriff Woody figure, a grasshopper sandbox rake, a wide-eyed panda, and a kids' meal Snake Eyes -- seem kinda useless (I guess I could steal Woody's boots if I ever get around to making a Marceline), though. If you had them, what would you do? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Anyway, that'll do it for this second edition of Thrift Store Thursday! Thanks for reading -- we'll see you next time. 🙂

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