October 4, 2012
A birthday update!

Yeeah, it's my birthday today! I usually like to spend a good chunk of my birthday working on the site -- you wouldn't know it from the posting frequency these days, but I really do enjoy creating content for Scary-Crayon -- but I've got some errands to run and a job to get to so I can't do that right now. (Hopefully I'll have more time tomorrow and Saturday, when the birthday celebration will still be in effect as far as I'm concerned.) Just wanted to check in and let y'all know not to abandon SC, 'cause there's more content on the way! Specifically:

UV cake-flavored vodka!

To celebrate my birthday, I bought cake-flavored vodka! I'm totally going to review it.

Toy stores in Aruba!

Another reason posting's been so sparse lately: I was in Aruba during the third week of September! (If you follow SC on Twitter or Facebook, you might have seen an image I posted from the trip: french fries topped with peanut butter sauce.) In addition to relaxing on beaches and swimming and doing way too much drinking, I wandered the island in search of toy stores -- and I'll be doing an article about the stores I visited and the items I found. I'll probably also do a general writeup of the trip.

Isn't every day Halloween for Batman?

And speaking of toys -- yes, Virginia, there will be toy reviews! And Thrift Store Thursday installments, too. I've got quite a backlog of those...

And I haven't forgotten about that SDCC content I'm still holding. Some of it is arguably even more relevant now that the new TMNT series has hit (not so much in terms of a preview of the show in general, but in terms of things to come) and since Halloween is approaching (along with the third season of "The Walking Dead"), so yeah. I'll get to it before next year's con, promise!!!

Okay, gotta run. Thanks for sticking with Scary-Crayon -- and stay tuned for new content! It'll show up someday, seriously. ;P

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  • Grimlock64 says:

    That Batman toy is so... festive. Then again, it could be kind of a Tron-ish Batman. Not big on the DKR line, but it certainly looks pretty cool!

  • Gunwild says:

    Happy birthday dude. Oh man, a seasonally styled toy, we're getting oldschool X-Entertainment style stuff up in here!

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