October 11, 2012
Thrift Store Thursday #4

And here's some relief from the Scary-Crayon content drought with Thrift Store Thursday #4! (Dig this -- it's actually Thursday, too!)

Bags of toys for Thrift Store Thursday #4!

Today we've got three bags to look into: one that cost 60 cents, another that cost 80, and one that went for a buck -- at least according to the tags on the bags. I want to say that at least one of them was discounted, but it's been a while since I bought them. I can't remember whether I picked them up on a Sunday or Monday... and if I did, I can't remember whether their tag colors were discounted 50% that day. I'm thinking not.

The contents of the 60-cent bag.

Anyway, first bag! It's pretty weak in terms of content: in addition to one other toy, it has a baby rattle of sorts with soccer balls at either end, a mouse-shaped doorstopper thing, and figurines of the tiger chick from Kung-Fu Panda, Chef Smurf, Robin (one of the alternate universe versions?), and Gorilla Grodd. Of course, the named items are largely uninteresting to me (Chef Smurf might be fun to repaint and Grodd could make a cool desk ornament), as I really grabbed this bag for the Halo figure. They really are great figures in their own right -- and even when they're incomplete (as this one is here; it appears to be missing some chest armor) their excellent joints can be harvested for customizing projects.

The contents of the 80-cent bag.

Next up, the 80-cent bag. Um... yeah. We've got a Littlest Pet Shop fawn, an Ariel top to a candy/lip balm container, a horrible lumpy grey rat, a Safari dragonfish, a woman from one of those kiddie dollhouse lines, a Pokémon (don't ask me which one), a dragon thing, a tiny Lion-O, and an orange T-Rex figurine -- the latter of which I incidentally already own and enjoyed fiddling with as a youth. (It even appeared in Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #41!) So this bag appealed to me for multiple reasons. Even though I still have my childhood figure, the T-Rex was a strong nostalgic draw, and I imagine that 6-inch dollhouse figures will come in handy someday -- either in customizing projects or for use as civilians in toy comics and/or action figure displays. What really put me over the top, though, was the dragonfish: it reminded me of Prisoner Zero from Doctor Who, and I'd much rather pay 80 cents for this approximation than the $12+ retailers charge for the actual figure.

By the way, I think this bag gave me my first opportunity to handle a Littlest Pet Shop toy -- and I don't think I'm a fan. I find bobbleheads inherently unnerving to begin with, but there's something just wrong about a creature whose eyes are bigger than its ass and whose head is so big it can barely stand upright. It's like super-super deformed and it kinda creeps me out.

The contents of the $1 bag.

And here are the contents of the last bag, which cost a whole buckaroo. Winnie the Pooh and Spongebob are always visually appealing draws -- even if one's a hollow squeeze toy and the other's a festive candy container topper -- and there's something kinda neat about a bush warrior in an oversized mask. I wouldn't have picked up the bag, however, if it hadn't been for Casey Jones. He's actually missing his right forearm and hand (it's kinda hidden in the above pic, but you can see the missing piece clearly in the initial bagged photo), but he's still got his head -- and that's all I need for customizing purposes. (We'll revisit that thought in a bit.)

Tiny skeleton soldiers!

But even though I'd never heard of them and still haven't been able to find out their origins on the web (if you're in the know, please leave a comment to that effect), these army skeleton soldiers definitely piqued my interest as well. I've been encouraged that, in recent years, toy companies have applied the bagged army men concept to ninjas and even zombies, but I still don't think they've gone far enough. These skeleton soldiers are definitely a step in the right direction, though. Not only are they skeleton soldiers, but they're different colors and even have multiple paint applications. They're made of a rubbery plastic that might preclude them being given to very young children (with their candy colors and rubbery texture, young/stupid kids might eat them... though at least one wouldn't have to worry about the kids choking on them), but I think they're a pretty nifty take on the army men idea. And they're skeletons, which makes them perfect for Halloween! I might (might) even have to give these guys a more detailed writeup in the near future.

Oh, and that Casey -- I decapitated him shortly after taking these photos and went to work hollowing out his head. You can see some potential bodies for him above: I'm probably going to make a Casey out of a Sportsmaster figure (though that won't be my only one unless I implement some height modifications; Sportsmaster is taller than I want Casey to be in my 6" TMNT display), and ages ago I got this Jackman Wolverine with intent to turn him into Casey. I'm not nearly as enthusiastic about that project as I once was, but it might still happen -- if only because I don't have much else to do with the body and I seem to be accumulating Casey heads. We'll see!

All for now, then. Until next time... stay scary! 😉

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