October 18, 2012
Thrift Store Thursday: Video Edition

Hey there! So in keeping with my video posting experiments, here's a special video installment of Thrift Store Thursday. Do let me know what you think!

Also, in keeping with the Killjoy cameo, here are the links to the Full Moon Direct website and the product page for Killjoy. I've also included the link for Full Moon's Killer Toy Sale lot -- 'cause if you're willing to drop $20 for Killjoy, why not get a couple other toys for free as well? The Pimp from Blood Dolls also kinda looks like a clown, so if you dig Killjoy you'll probably enjoy having the Pimp too.


And that's it for this post! Thanks for watching this video installment of Thrift Store Thursday -- if you actually managed to sit through the whole rambling thing. And if you couldn't, thanks for giving it a chance! Hopefully I'll deliver more focused and streamlined commentary as I get more vlogging experience.

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