October 19, 2012
A Quick Halloween Custom!

In your heeeeeeee-eead, in your heee-eeeaa-aad

So as I put the finishing touches on my package for the AEIOU and Sometimes Why Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange, I wanted to briefly highlight my favorite included item: a custom painted screaming zombie toy. The screaming zombies (as well as screaming ghosts, devils, and other creatures) are available at Party City and cost $5 -- and while they're pretty neat without modification (their screams are pretty horrific and their eyes are red LEDs), I wanted to make this thing extra special for my patcher. I think it turned out pretty well!

The initial pic in the article had some saturation doctoring and was taken fresh after the zombie finished drying -- above are comparison shots with an unpainted zombie in the light tent. What a difference a little paint makes! My method really isn't all that difficult -- I mostly just painted over the entire thing in black, let it dry, and then gently wiped the black off with a rag and rubbing alcohol. The alcohol takes the paint off the surface but leaves it in the grooves and areas the rag won't get into. I also tried something new this time: I mixed some red paint with water in a spray bottle and gave the figure a few good squirts, then gently blotted the red away with a rag. Same general principle -- the liquid ran into the grooves and stayed there, whereas the stuff on the surface got picked up -- but the effect ended up being less intense since the paint was a lot thinner and got taken away while it was still wet (so a lot less ultimately stayed on the figure). I wasn't initially planning for it to work out that way, but I think the two techniques worked pretty well together.

As I noted when I posted the first pic earlier today on tumblr, I really do want to paint more of these things. I think I'll pick up one more at the original price (probably something other than the zombie) and hope they end up discounted after Halloween. I could even see having contests where you folks could win one... if that would appeal to anyone out there. I dunno. They're pretty fun for me to paint, especially because I don't have to worry about paint rub at the joints. I love not worrying about paint rub at the joints!

Anyway, that does it for this post -- I hope you enjoyed looking at/reading about my custom painted zombie, and I hope my patcher enjoys it when it finally reaches him! I've received a couple of packages from the Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange as well; I'll do writeups on those (as well as spotlight the other items I included in my patcher's package) sometime in the near future. Really cool idea all around, and I'm glad Dex of AEIOU and Sometimes Why started the event. Until next time, stay scary!

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