December 30, 2012
Still alive! And makin’ stuff.

Soooo... just a real quick note to say that, yes, we're still alive! I haven't fallen into any gaping pits o' fire or anything -- things are all well and good (or at least not too terrible) behind the scenes at Scary-Crayon.

As is often the case when I disappear for a bit, I've been bitten by the customizing bug something fierce lately -- probably as a result of my participation in TheFwoosh's annual Secret Santa customizing event. Hopefully I'll post a writeup in the near future (which will cover two years, since I never got around to doing my writeup of last year's event)! In the meantime, though, here are a couple of work-in-progress shots from two of the too many projects I've got going on right now. Any guesses regarding the identities of the characters I'm making?

Anyway, here's hoping I'll finish some of my customs before too long! And here's hoping I can pull myself away from it long enough to get some new content up here on SC. I know how much y'all miss it! 😛

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