February 5, 2006
Recent Commercials I Don’t Like Very Much.

Sorry about the lack of updates last week, but I'm back this Superbowl Sunday with another piece that's somewhat appropriate, given one of the major draws of the game for non-football fans. The title of the latest article pretty much says it all, though I think in the course of writing it I developed even more contempt for these advertising spots than I already had.

God, they're awful. Awful, I tell you.

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February 1, 2006
A Crayon Haiku #45!

Wasn't there a Prince song about this?

A Crayon Haiku #45!

And we kick February off right with the 45th installment of A Crayon Haiku! Y'think you've got spam? Scary-Crayon's got spam. A lot of spam. It's unreal. We've apparently got quite a few unread messages, too. Go fig.  (2/1/06)

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A Crayon Haiku #45!

Well, it's been kinda slow since last week's celebratory festivities (personally, I blame the stale cereal), but here's A Crayon Haiku #45 to assure y'all that I'm not dead over here. I am, however, buried in spam, as this is really freaking unbelievable. By the way, the haiku makes reference to this film, which despite having purchased multiple copies I have never seen to conclusion because every copy invariably cops out on me at some point during the movie. I like the blue-haired android girl, though.

More substantial content to come!

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