September 30, 2007
COMING SOON to Scary-Crayon…!

Hey all -- quick post to say that I definitely HAVE NOT forgotten about the site and definitely WILL be posting a new article sometime tonight or early in the AM hours of tomorrow morning. Incidentally, it won't be the second part of the QC Dinobots review, as I'm still pondering precisely how I want to continue it now that my Dinobot situation has changed. Whereas before I was fairly lacking in the transforming robotic dinosaur department, I've since acquired all of the Transformers G1 Dinobots.

Rawr and Ultra Gunk meet Snarl and Sludge!

What this means is that I can now more accurately comment on and compare the differences and similarities between the QC versions and their Hasbro counterparts! And since that might take up a good portion of the text, I'm not sure whether I want to do single reviews for each of the remaining dinos or do them both in one and then compare all of them in another part. I'm leaning towards the former -- after maybe playing catchup with Rawr and Ultra Gunk -- but we'll see. In any case, it's fairly likely that there will be more than two parts to the QC Dinobots review.

The article I have planned for tonight, btw, has nothing to do with QC Dinobots. I feel like I need to write something funny -- which isn't to say that I haven't enjoyed our recent articles, but I've been on a fairly serious kick for a while -- so I'm going to review a couple of dollar store toys. Nothing nearly as amusing as Best Friend Colton, mind you, but he will be making an appearance in a sequel of sorts that looms on the horizon. That's later, though.

Lots o' Creepy Freaks.

Anyway, the main point of this blog entry -- which you can clearly see if you view the post individually, since this is like the "test" -- is that we're going to be having a Halloween countdown of sorts on SC! I recently uncovered 35 (and possibly counting; it was 34 until this morning) Creepy Freaks booster packs in my room. If you've forgotten our review of the introductory cartoon DVD from waaaay back when, Creepy Freaks are these little HeroClix-esque trading figure gamepieces. Creepy Freaks didn't do nearly as well as HeroClix figures, though (incidentally they're both by the same company), so they ended up heavily discounted, which more or less explains why I have so many now. And given their altogether ooky motif, they're perfect for a countdown of sorts, no? 🙂

So -- until Halloween -- I'm going to do something where I open like one box a day and write maybe a paragraph about each of the two figures inside. I may not get started right away (considering that October starts tomorrow, yikes!) and there may be a few skipped days here and there, but that's the general plan. I'll have more to say when the countdown starts, natch.

Anyway, see you in a bit with the new article!

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September 7, 2007
Quick Change Dinobots — Part 1 (content pages)

The Quick Change Dinobots Review: Part 1 of 2!


In the first part of this two-part toy review, Scary-Crayon looks at two members of the four man machine Quick Change Transforming System Dino Robots team. Swoop wishes he had a cheap Big Lots counterpart too.  (9/7/07)

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A Crayon Haiku #67! (content pages)

A blast from the past... or is it the future?

A Crayon Haiku #67!

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- it is really difficult to write four lines about the contents of a three-line haiku without rendering actually reading the poem unnecessary. A Crayon Haiku #67 has a dinosaur in it. Sorta.  (9/7/07)

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Quick Change Dinobots — Part 1!

The Transformers madness continues on Scary-Crayon with A Crayon Haiku #67 and the first part of our Quick Change Dinobots review. Okay, so the QC dinos aren't technically Transformers, but still. As noted in the article, I really didn't anticipate having quite so much to say about them, so Tricera-Bot and Tyranno-Bot (also known as Dregs and Gravelatch!) will be discussed at a later date. Hopefully not too much later, though.

Regarding Universe Triceradon in the haiku -- I partially blame him for my current compulsion to buy Transformers on eBay and anywhere else I can find them, because it was his temporary unavailability that pretty much started me checking online toy stores and eBay listings as a matter of routine. Now that I've got him, he's popping up everywhere. Go figure. Action figure, that is!

Feel free to note the cuteness of the newspaper clipping, btw! I don't know why I felt compelled to black out all of the instances of my name -- it's not like it'd be that difficult to figure out if you really wanted to. 😛

Also, in a comment over at Wesoteric -- where I first posted images of Triceradon, since he's a pretty good representative of my current obsession -- De asked whether Slag or Triceradon would win in a fight. Sounds like something worth discussing over here, no? So here are my thoughts: (more...)

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