October 8, 2008
Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #106 (content pages)

Chewy pink goodness in a skull candy dish!

Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #106!

Ever since "Heroes" Season 1, it's been implied that Sylar eats brains. But does he really chow down? Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #106 revisits the shocking revelation... along with reactions from his fellow monsters.  (10/8/08)

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A Crayon Haiku #82 (content pages)


A Crayon Haiku #82!

What do Rupert Giles, Samuel Anders, and Tommy Oliver have in common? What is the connection between the White and Black Dino Rangers? These burning questions receive answers in A Crayon Haiku #82!  (10/8/08)

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Yet another Hot Flash ‘n’ Haiku combo!

As always, apologies for the site hiatus! I wish I had some more exciting excuses, but honestly? I've been quite distracted by the US Presidential race these days. Things are looking very good for Barack Obama at the moment -- let's hope his lead in the polls continues to hold!

Anyway, today's a bit of a quickie update: it's just Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #106 and A Crayon Haiku #82. In keeping with some of our comics from last season, expect more "Heroes" Hot Flashes in the future. And as for the haiku, can you believe it?! Figures without stuck joints?!?!? Even when I was ultimately able to free up the joints without breaking the toy, it feels like it's been forever since I bought a fairly well-articulated figure (Transformers excluded) that didn't need to be immersed in microwaved water or given a time out in the freezer before I could actually pose it. If we're talking streaks, we're only at two -- Giles and Anders came later, but I got the White Ranger on the same day as Ann O'Brien of the Legendary Comic Book Heroes line, and she needed quite a bit of hot water fun to free up her joints and correct the warping of her left arm that took place in the package. Though technically I got the White Ranger after Ann O'Brien on that day, so maybe he should be counted in the streak! At any rate, I will definitely be pleased if my next figure purchase continues the trend.

And upon looking up some info on the White Ranger, I find it really odd and interesting that the only other "official" Power Ranger I own -- the Black Dino Ranger, which was given to me by a friend -- is the same guy. That's so wild! I know very little about Power Rangers these days, but they're among the best action figure buys around now with all of the other toy lines increasing in price. And whereas it's nearly impossible to find the new Marvel Legends and DC Universe figures in this area, Jungle Fury Rangers are pretty much guaranteed to be in stock! I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for the Rhino Ranger.

And finally, my birthday was last Saturday -- so while I feel less and less inclined to do stuff on Scary-Crayon proper for that sort of thing, feel free to swing by my blog and check out the birthday photo post containing various Wes baby and toddler pictures. I was adorable, was I not?

And oh! INTERROBANG STUDIOS is back in action, so go check it out! I actually have more links to plug, but I really think I should bring this entry to a close. I hope to have more updates soon, though! Until then. 🙂

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