April 28, 2009
Dollhouse is still lame (content pages)

Because having a brainwashed sex slave impersonate your dead wife is soooo hawt.


Despite increasing praise from both 'net critics and fans, "Dollhouse" is not getting better. In fact, it's become quite hateful in its implicit approval of slavery and sex trafficking and shallow treatment of deep topics. Ugh.  (4/28/09)

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Dollhouse is still lame.

Hard to believe (or not...) that it's been over a month since the last SC update, but we're finally back with a new piece! Despite my initial recognition that the show wasn't very good, I've continued watching "Dollhouse"... and I can't say that it's gotten better. In fact, I now think I hate the show, mostly because it liberally embraces one of the things I despise most in any work: pseudo-philosophical bullshit. This mainly consists of shallow ideas and pronouncements masquerading as deep ones, but it's also a problem when multiple characters advance ideas that are clearly wrong and/or questionable... yet even when these ideas are voiced to other characters who would presumably know enough to point out their flaws, nobody else calls them out. Actually, that last one is a problem even when they're not talking about things like mind-erasing technology and eternal life, but whatever.

I doubt that we'll have another April update, but hopefully I'll have more content for you before another month has passed! Seeya then.

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