May 18, 2009
TMNT: Leo as the Wolfman! (content pages)

Carnivore, carnivore, what do you eat?


Playmates Toys is catching a lot of flack these days, but I remember a time when the company released some of the coolest -- and zaniest -- figures on the shelf. Exhibit A: Leo as the Wolfman from the old TMNT line!  (5/18/09)

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The Turtle that howls at the moon.

So here's that horror-themed figure review I mentioned way back in March -- Leo as the Wolfman from the old Playmates TMNT line! Like I say in the article, he's pretty much everything you'd expect from a Turtles toy circa 1993, but he's a freaking Ninja Turtle werewolf. That's just awesome. By the way, I didn't draw that Leo image for the review -- I've had that on hand since 2004, when I drew disembodied and heavily stylized heads of the Monster Turtles for no apparent reason. Check 'em out:


Oh, and for newcomers (or longtime readers who want to revisit a classic Foodstuffs entry), the Turtle Troll image linked in the article came from our old Turtle Spew piece. I really should do another food article sometime, eh? Those were always fun. 🙂 And speaking of updates, note the additions to the blog comments -- you can now reply directly to other commenters and receive e-mail notifications (if you so choose, that is) when people respond to what you've written. Woo.

Finally, I'd like to call your attention to a new addition to the links block: Articulated Discussion! Whenever I get a button for it, the awesome haven of bootleg toys known as The Undiscovered Playthings should be getting a link as well. And while we're mentioning new sites (or at least sites that are more/less new to us), we should take a moment to remember the sites that are leaving or have already left us. Warehouse 8, which was a really cool UK-based gaming site, appears to have fallen off the face of the Internet, and our pal SAG of has decided to seek gold and adventure in the world beyond that of toys and figure reviews. We wish him -- and the webmasters of Warehouse 8, wherever they may be -- the very best!

And yes, we are aware that the Pop Arena link is also dead -- I fully expect it to return just as suddenly as it vanished. We miss you, Pop Arena!

I believe the next article will include more monsters, so do join us for that. Until then... 😈

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