October 26, 2009
Astro Boy’s Buzzsaw Samurai!!!

Yep, new toy review -- this time of the Buzzsaw Samurai from Jazwares's 6" Astro Boy movie line. He's a decent enough figure, and I really like the design, but he's certainly not amazing. Kids will likely disagree.

And Halloween is on the way! Admittedly, I have no plans to do any explicitly Halloween-themed content, but I don't feel bad about that -- this is Scary-freakin'-Crayon, after all, and it's always like Halloween here! That said, there are a lot of other sites breaking out special Halloween layouts, so check out the sites in the links block to the right for some additional spooky flavor. In particular, Articulated Discussion's got some cool Scare of the Night photographs coming in addition to its temporary Halloween layout (I'm hoping to share some spooky guest content over there as well; I'll keep you posted!), and Infinite Hollywood's rocking some Halloweeny goodness as well. Speaking of that site and today's review figure, IH reviewed the 3.75" Astro Boy a week and a half ago -- so if you were thinking about picking that figure up to pair with the Buzzsaw Samurai, you might want to read that article.

Okay, that's all for now. Hopefully we'll have more content for you soon!

P.S. When I'm fooling around with the css and manage to break stuff on the site, you guys have to tell me! Otherwise I'll never know until I happen to notice the errors... which sometimes takes a while even when they're staring me in the face. 😛

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Buzzsaw Samurai review! (content pages)

He's gonna CUT YA!


On the other hand, maybe he's not all that evil! Admittedly, we at Scary-Crayon have very little information about the true personality of the Buzzsaw Samurai. We do, however, have a review of the Jazwares action figure!  (10/26/09)

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October 19, 2009
Third Doctor and Dalek review (content pages)

Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor!


Retro flavor abounds in our review of the new third Doctor and Dalek 2-pack! These overpriced figures aren't perfect, but the target audience will eat them up... and perhaps get a mouthful of grease in the process.  (10/19/09)

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The third Doctor and Dalek review!

Well, this review took me a bit longer than I expected -- and was delayed further by an unfortunate occurrence that you can read about therein -- but our review of the third Doctor and Dalek 2-pack from Character Options and Underground Toys is finally up! While I can't entirely recommend the set at this price, I don't think that matters -- if you're the kind of person this set is for, you'll buy it (and likely have already bought it) regardless of my recommendation. As Mickey put it, "Dude, it's Pertwee." Indeed it is.

Anyway, hopefully you'll find it to be an entertaining read even if you're not interested in the figures! But if it starts to get too long for you, feel free to scroll down to the handy-dandy summary at the bottom. I grin every time I look at those Crayon Critter bullets, dontchaknow. 😉

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October 12, 2009
Street Fighter IV Guile (content pages)

Are you man enough to fight with him?


When we think of Guile, three words immediately spring to mind: DISCIPLINE, JUSTICE, COMMITMENT! Yet while NECA's SFIV Guile lacks that goofy charm (not to mention useful accessories), it's still a great figure.  (10/12/09)

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Dusty Plastic HELLside #10 (content pages)

It's a Capcom/G.I. Joe crossover!

Dusty Plastic HELLside #10!

Street Fighter characters just keep popping up in these strips, don't they? In Dusty Plastic HELLside #10, Sakura prepares to receive special training from Flint -- but given the circumstances, he'd better teach quickly!  (10/12/09)

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SFIV Guile and a new HELLside comic!

The wait is over -- we finally have new content on Scary-Crayon! First up, the more substantial piece: a review of NECA's Street Fighter IV Guile figure, complete with many (many) sprite-matched photos. He's probably my least favorite of NECA's SFIV figures to date, though I think that might say more about my feelings for the character than it does about the quality of the toy. Even so, he's no Chun-Li.

Then there's Dusty Plastic HELLside #10, which stars Sakura, Flint, and a Plasma Kreaps Zombie that I never finished reviewing! I totally meant to, and I started taking photos of the packaging, but then I got scared because the figure came inside a bunch of goo (hence the "plasma" thing) and could potentially have stained my lightbox backdrop. I halted my photography session to thoroughly wash the parts, but by the time I finished I just wasn't in the mood to continue. It's not a bad toy, though!

A few links also go hand-in-hand with this review. First, if you saw the thumbnail on the content pages and wondered where that cool Flint sprite came from, it's available -- along with a lot of other nifty G.I. Joe sprite creations -- on this page. And as far as the Flint figure goes, I recently reviewed it over at Articulated Discussion! So yeah, check that out. 🙂

Speaking of plugs, there's a new link to Dork Dimension on the sidebar! I think I've plugged it before, but it's really a cool site that you should visit even when I'm not telling you to stop by. I mean, where else can you find current reviews of old Playmates figures like Deanna Troi, Slice 'N' Dice Shredder, and Psycrow? Okay, you could find stuff like that here, but I haven't reviewed those figures. Yet. Seriously, though, it's a cool site. Once Nathan gets those javascript issues worked out, it'll be perfect. 😉

All for now, then! Hopefully weeks won't pass before the next update.

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