December 6, 2009
PRRPM Full Throttle Triceratops Ranger (content pages)

This has got to be the coolest train design ever.


Even so, the horns aren't the most striking feature of the Full Throttle Triceratops Ranger -- it's his wicked stylish jacket. Even without decent articulation, cool accessories, and a great price, this figure would be cool.  (12/6/09)

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This Power Ranger has STYLE!

I was going to begin by noting that action figures don't often win me over with their outfits, but then I guess the costume is generally an important feature of toys. I mean, they're based on fictional superheroes and whatnot, and whereas the "heroes" in real life tend to wear generic suits and uniforms, part of what makes comic, cartoon, and other fictional superdudes and dudettes so unique is their costumes.

I suppose the Power Rangers RPM Full Throttle Triceratops Ranger is special, however, in that I don't often fixate so heavily on one aspect of the figure. He does have other merits -- decent articulation, cool and plentiful accessories, and a price tag that's not in the double digits -- but, like Chun-Li's thighs, I find it difficult to see past the stylish smoking jacket. I'd probably love this figure (though not nearly as much) even if it had t-hips and swivel shoulders. And no, Bandai, that is not permission to start skimping on articulation... unless every figure comes packaged with a removable cloth smoking jacket. This kind of style needs to be shared.

Anyway, I hope y'all are having a great holiday season! Until next time...

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