January 28, 2011
The Wes Portrait Project (content pages)

Wes is angry and rotated 90 degrees!


Is it shamelessly vain to go around paying people to draw pictures of you... or do such actions stem from something deeper? Let us ponder this question as we explore the motivations behind the Wes Portrait Project.  (1/28/11)

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I don’t think this song is about me…

So I was originally going to post another Foodstuffs entry or two to cap off the Scary-Crayon anniversary week "celebration," but then I remembered this article I'd wanted to do for a while -- and I figured if any time were appropriate for an introspective piece concerning the webmaster's desires and whatnot, it's now. Right? So here's the Wes Portrait Project, which includes a discussion of that topic as well as a bunch of drawings of me... because yeah, that's what the project largely entails. I'm very curious to know your thoughts on it!

More food articles to come in the near future, yep yep.

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January 25, 2011
The Scary-Crayon Wasabitini (content pages)

Cocktails with wasabi? Pour me one, good sir!


It's Scary-Crayon's seventh anniversary -- and what better way to celebrate than with a drink? In this article, Wes shares his recipe for the Scary-Crayon Wasabitini... as well as the events that led to its discovery.  (1/25/11)

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The Scary-Crayon Wasabitini is delicious.

So this isn't quite as exciting as it's been in previous years... but today is Scary-Crayon's anniversary, and I couldn't let it pass without posting a new article! And we'll have at least another and possibly two more in the coming days, so let's call it a week-long celebration. Eh? Eh?

And speaking of celebrating, why not ring in SC's seventh anniversary with a drink? Today's article -- The Scary-Crayon Wasabitini -- suggests a delicious cocktail for the occasion. Please do try it sometime, and let us know what you think! I've also found Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka to be fairly tasty in a lot of mixed drinks -- it's hardly cloying (unlike triple sec; some folks like it in wasabitinis but I most certainly do not), but the hint of sugar that's there is enough to enhance many cocktails that call for vodka. A touch of sweetness even adds to a Bloody Mary, in my opinion.

Alrighty, then. Rah-rah, happy birthday to Scary-Crayon! We'll see you again soon. 🙂

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January 16, 2011
V for Vitriol (content pages)

The soul is the single greatest threat to the Visitor species.


1983 saw the TV debut of the Visitors, alien invaders with a hunger for human flesh... and in 2009, they returned in a modern reboot. Unfortunately, while the show began well enough, it later became very, very stupid.  (1/16/11)

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New article: V for Vitriol!

Hey, all! It's been a while... hope you had a happy 2010 holiday season and that 2011 is off to a great start for you. Anyway, Scary-Crayon is back -- at least for the moment! And to that end we've got a new article, V for Vitriol, which is about the 2009 "V" television series and why it kinda sucks. There's a brief discussion of the 1983-85 series as it compares to the new show, too.

I'll make no promises regarding future content. SC will remain active while breath animates my fingers as they fly across the keyboard and manipulate the mouse for image editing and such, though I can't say how frequently. I can, however, say that I hope the next article won't be two months away, and I hope that some of y'all out there are still with us. Thanks. 🙂

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