December 25, 2011
Dusty Plastic HELLside #XM2011 (content pages)

Merry Christmas from... Skallox?

A Dusty Plastic HELLside Xmas!

'Tis the season day (or one of them) -- and, in Dusty Plastic HELLside #XM2011 (get it?) we mark the occasion with a goofy reinterpreted nativity scene and a couple of holiday cards. Best wishes to you and yours.  (12/25/11)

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The obligatory holiday update!

Or I guess it's not obligatory, since we've probably skipped it in years past -- but here we are today with a few holiday pics in the extra-specially numbered Dusty Plastic HELLside #XM2011. The first pic takes its inspiration from Kristen Stewart's explanation of Christmas, where she replaces frankincense and myrrh with Frankenstein and (a) Mer-Man, respectively. I didn't have any gold from Jared's, so I made due with Ranger Gold. 😉 And then the other two images are just holiday cards! I kinda wanted to do something red-and-green themed and this seemed obvious (and a whole lot less gross than the approach I took years ago) considering the Lantern toy onslaught of the past year. And with ponies being my latest obsession... yeah.

So, see you next time! Still have the cake and pony articles in the queue, but they might actually be overtaken by some other exciting content to come. STAY TUNED!

And happy holidays, everypony. 🙂

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December 16, 2011
Dusty Plastic HELLside #30 (content pages)

Wait, what?!

Dusty Plastic HELLside #30!

In Dusty Plastic HELLside #30, Wes attends a party! And receives compliments! Or not. If you can learn to execute this technique properly, you'll probably become a certified Mackster of the Universe.  (12/16/11)

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The Obligatory Forever Alone Comic

I'm usually way late to the party when it comes to Internet memes and such -- so it's only appropriate that Scary-Crayon's first Forever Alone comic is set at a party at which I arrived way late. Last weekend I attended a shindig at which the depicted encounter took place. (Though admittedly it's a bit exaggerated here for comic effect, and nobody's really intended to look like anyone present except yours truly.) At first I just thought the guy was being (oddly) complimentary, but the more I think about it -- and judging from how the women in attendance reacted -- I think it was actually a subtle, clever, and successful attempt to make me look like a conceited jerk (not that I need help to come across as an asshole) and thus make himself appear even more attractive to said women by contrast. Sort of a "Brutus is an honorable man" deal, except even more devious because it manages to place the words in Brutus's own mouth as if he'd said them first.

It does seem like a technique that could backfire if the women take the speaker to be gay, but experience has taught me that (most) women who already find a guy somewhat attractive will completely ignore the possibility of him being attracted to men. (I knew a girl in college who was dating a guy who skipped about in rainbow sneakers -- metaphorically speaking -- and she was hurt and shocked when he finally came out of the closet and broke off the relationship. All I could say to console her was, "Duh.") There's probably an effective parry, too, but I imagine you'd also run the risk of coming across as an asshole in implementing it. And, admittedly, this is probably the kind of technique that one doesn't need to break out at all -- it seems like something that would work best only when the guy implementing it is already guaranteed victory. It's probably the equivalent of killing an opponent with Chun-Li's taunt in the Street Fighter Alpha games.

It's also entirely possible that I'm reading way too much into this interaction -- perhaps intentionally, for my own amusement and subconscious justification purposes. Still, it gave me something to ponder and an excuse to toss an entry into the overflowing putrid slopcauldron of Forever Alone material... so, yeah. I win at something. 😐

Next time, ponies. And/or cake. Seriously.

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December 10, 2011
Xtractaurs Terror review (content pages)

Freeze in place when you hear his terrifying roar!


Dinosaur toys are a dime a dozen... okay, more like $12 a dozen, but still. Rarer, however, are articulated dinosaur figures. Terroar of Mattel's Xtractaurs line is an exception -- but is it a good toy? Read on to find out.  (12/10/11)

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Xtractaurs Terroar reviewed!

And here's that dinosaur piece I promised -- a review of Terroar from Mattel's Xtractaurs line. Not a whole lot much to add that's not in the article, really. So enjoy that, and maybe next time we'll have cake! Or ponies. Or another HELLside comic. Or something else. WHO KNOWS WHAT YOU'LL GET WITH SCARY-CRAYON?!?!?

Nope, even I don't know. 😛 See you again soon!

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December 5, 2011
Dusty Plastic HELLside #29 (content pages)

Universe Bird, Universe Bird, knowledge of the entire universe bird

Dusty Plastic HELLside #29!

In Dusty Plastic HELLside #29, Wes learns a valuable life lesson! Or maybe it's not all that valuable -- it's certainly not (necessarily) deep -- but it's probably good to keep in mind! And the messenger is pretty awesome.  (12/5/11)

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I’m thankful I’m not covered in some chick’s blood.

DUDE! ANOTHER SCARY-CRAYON UPDATE THIS MONTH! That's pretty insane -- and there are more on the way. (I hope.)

So remember how I mentioned that this time there would probably be ponies, with the possibility of dinosaurs or cake? Yeah, you get none of those. (Probably dinosaurs next time.) You do get a new Dusty Plastic HELLside comic, though! HURRAY!

So I didn't (entirely) make this comic up -- I was at a Target recently and I actually overheard this chick saying those words almost verbatim, and then I turned to see this not hideous white girl hanging on and rubbing the bloated stomach of this big fat black dude with his hair in a ponytail. And for about half a second, I was actually the slightest bit jealous! Then my gag reflex totally kicked in and I remembered that I'd kick a girl who said something like that to me down a flight of steps, but yes. (I should also note that I have no idea whether she was speaking sarcastically -- and/or in response to something the dude said about how cool and black he was -- but I imagine/hope that was the case. I doubt I'd be happy about a girl saying something like that to me even in jest, though.)

So anyway, I when I got home I doodled up the actors, and -- if you'll note the date -- it just so happened that I "inked" them on Thanksgiving. It's not a holiday I especially care for, since I don't generally have much to be thankful for ("my life kinda sucks" is my sad refrain). But I do find it curious that, if I had many of the things that other people are thankful for, I would probably be even less happy. And possibly in prison or a mental hospital for totally snapping and doing heinous things like smashing in faces and drowning newborn babies. So in some ways, even if it's unfortunate (and it really is), I often think my lot in life right now is preferable to other lots that would seem so much better to an outside observer.

So, uh, yeah... we'll call that our belated Thanksgiving discussion. (Hope y'all had an enjoyable turkey day and are enjoying the winter holiday season thus far.) Next time we'll talk about more trivial stuff. 😀

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December 2, 2011
Dusty Plastic HELLside #28 (content pages)

Kevin Bolk is a brony.

Dusty Plastic HELLside #28!

More pony stuff in Dusty Plastic HELLside #28, which guest stars artist Kevin Bolk! As a hoofed monstrosity with a swishy tail and a mane, no less. And there's also... ugh, just click through and see for yourself.  (12/2/11)

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The horror of ponyfication.

What the hey? Two SC updates in one week?! AND MORE TO COME IN THE NEAR FUTURE?!?! Okay, let's not get ahead of ourselves -- how many times have we heard that before, eh? -- but I've got a good feeling about more content to come. Partly because I've already bought and photographed more ponies for review. UGH.

And along those lines, here's Dusty Plastic HELLside #28 -- possibly the most horrifying such comic yet. Woo.

The backstory: I mentioned by way of a link in the (first) Pony Tails toy review that Kevin Bolk of Interrobang Studios is largely responsible for convincing me to give "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" a try... and since that show's sent me down a bit of a pony road, I can't blame him enough. Not only have I gone on to watch all of the episodes, bought several wannabe ponies (the latter of which I probably would have done anyway at some point; insanity is the only reason I need to buy girly dollar store toys), and purchased four of the six main ponies from the official Hasbro line (only Rarity and Rainbow Dash remain, and I WILL have them!), but I've even begun attempting to style their hair. Ugh.

Fluttershy is so adorable.

So yeah, since I owe this embarrassment in large part to Kevin -- and since he's drawn me in a couple of strips so far (here's the latest of which, though it fails to appreciate my undying love of the Twilight series) -- I figured I'd repay the favor in a manner of speaking with a bit of art. AND A NIGHTMAR(E MOON)ISH CURSE.

More ponies next time, probably -- though tyrannosaurs and cake are also possibilities.

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