July 29, 2012
A Crayon Haiku #140 (content pages)

Groupon is here for you.

A Crayon Haiku #140!

In A Crayon Haiku #140, we see that Groupon isn't just about offering deals on Asian food and boat rentals -- the company also aims to aid customers who need someone to listen. If you need help, contact Groupon.  (7/29/12)

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Dear Thieving Toy Collectors,

Please stop buying action figures; removing/replacing the BAF parts, accessories, bases, and sometimes even the figures themselves; and then returning the taped up packages to the store. THAT IS STEALING.

Look, I know it sucks that companies expect you to buy an entire figure just to get a small item you want or to rebuy a figure you already paid for because it has minor changes/improvements. But stealing what you want out of the package doesn't stick it to the man: it just makes you a bum and a scoundrel and a thief who steals toys of all goddamned things. It might also bring unhappiness to the retail workers who lose their jobs when the chain's profits go down due to losses from vandalized merchandise; to the children who tear open their toys on Christmas morning only to find that Batman's batarangs have all been removed; and to your fellow collectors who, being in a hurry and not noticing the missing items from the package, are now unable to display certain figures due to missing accessories or are unable to complete the BAFs of waves they did buy in their entirety because your scumbag ass stole the right arm.

Your actions also ensure that you'll spend eternity roasting in darkness amidst action figure packages that, from a distance and in the dim light, look like awesome new figures from that wave you've been anticipating since last year -- yet when you finally reach the figure after hours of stumbling across searing coals and white-hot spikes, you'll find packages empty of all contents with Post-It notes affixed to their surfaces. The notes will read, "Ha ha! Got first."

Please consider this impending punishment before you commit your next reprehensible crime against the retail establishment and toy-loving children everywhere and the toy collecting community at large.

Your pal,


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A quick progress update!

Hey, folks! Just wanted to post something to let y'all know I'm not dead... which, with comment threads now being included in articles, is probably the kind of thing the blog will end up being used for. 😛 Also, I wanted to make clear that I haven't forgotten about the SDCC content. It might end up being fashionably late, but it's coming! And hopefully it'll still be interesting no matter how timely it is.

I was planning to post a couple of SDCC pieces tonight, but then I got kinda sidetracked (for HOURS) fooling around with gallery plugins and image layout and whanot. Probably won't end up changing too much visually, but it'll greatly simplify things on my end -- which will ideally mean more and more frequent posts in the long run, since it'll take me less time to put them together. Anyway, here's a preview of the next SDCC-related article in the queue (it's entirely possible I'll post a really quick review of something else before I get it up).

Dude got eted real gewd.


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July 22, 2012
Scary-Crayon survived California!

Hey, all -- just a quick note to say that I've returned safely from my trip to SDCC 2012. Apparently the trip really tired me out -- I've been doing a lot of sleeping since my flight landed on Thursday morning (I even sadly slept through half of The Dark Knight Rises, which I'm guessing was the good half because what I did see was kinda weak) -- but I'm starting to recover my strength and will be posting more SDCC content in the coming days.

Also, once I get done with that, I'll have reviews of some of the items I picked up at the convention! In the meantime, though, here's an article highlighting the toys I brought home from the con. It's cool stuff, but I'm still kinda miffed I couldn't get Zecora and the Marvel Legends Uncanny X-Force set. 😐

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SDCC 2012 Toy Haul (content pages)



While we weren't able to get any of the exclusive toys we'd hoped to acquire at SDCC 2012, we didn't return empty handed. In this article, we highlight the figures we were able to haul off of the convention floor.  (7/22/12)

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July 15, 2012
More SDCC 2012 coverage to come…

Hey, guys! I'd hoped to have more SDCC 2012 content up on the site -- the working conditions here haven't been ideal at all -- but I hope you've enjoyed what I was able to get up. Anyway, with the con ending tomorrow and me having some pretty eventful days ahead, I probably won't have a chance to post more coverage until I return home late this week... by which time the con will be over and much of what I post will already have been reported thoroughly by other sites.

Still, if you're here, I'm hoping you'll appreciate my unique take on the repeat info. In any case, I'm sure I'll have at least a handful of con perspectives and products and companies and individuals to spotlight that you won't have heard much about from the larger and infinitely more popular news and review sites.

Anyway, take care -- and thanks again for reading Scary-Crayon! I'll see you again real soon. 🙂

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SDCC 2013 Cosplay – Day 3 (content pages)

For anonymity, he sold his soul.

SDCC 2012 Cosplay - Day 3!

Even more cosplayers, this time from Day 3 of the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. In this collection of costumed con attendees, you'll find a horrific horse head, super fighting robots, assembled Avengers, and more!  (7/15/12)

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July 14, 2012
SDCC 2012 Cosplay – Day 2 (content pages)

Daryl Hannah has nothing on this Ariel cosplayer.

SDCC 2012 Cosplay - Day 2!

Another day, another set of cosplayers at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con! Click through to check out a selection of cool costumes and to read Wes's odd and hopefully occasionally humorous comments.  (7/14/12)

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July 13, 2012
SDCC 2012 Night Shadow Leonardo review (content pages)

Leonardo attacks like a shadow in the night.


Night Shadow Leonardo -- Playmates' TMNT contribution to the SDCC exclusive madness -- is among the more difficult items to obtain at SDCC 2012. But before you weep or resort to eBay, read this review.  (7/13/12)

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SDCC 2012 TMNT figure displays (content pages)



We're really going to be all about the TMNT content during SDCC -- 'cause for us, they're the greatest thing about the con! Check out the first turtle-rific entry with this quick look at the exhibit hall TMNT displays.  (7/13/12)

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July 12, 2012
SDCC 2012 Cosplay – Day 1 (content pages)

Clone Trooper Wolverine???

SDCC 2012 Cosplay - Day 1!

It's true: Scary-Crayon is on the scene at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con! And since no convention experience is complete unless one is ogling appreciating cosplayers, here's a look at some Day 1 highlights.  (7/12/12)

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July 9, 2012
July 2012 news and updates!

Hey, guys!

So it's been a few weeks since I posted an entry to the blog, but hopefully you haven't missed out on the updates we've had since then! If you're only subscribed to the blog RSS feed, you might want to consider liking our Facebook page or following our tumblr feed. I've been less inclined to add a new blog entry for each update since modifying the features to include comments, but I have posted about them via those channels! (Sorry to bug you with that again; it's just a suggestion. 😉 ) But if you have in fact overlooked those updates, we've posted A Crayon Haiku #139, A Random Lunch #12 (yep, it's back!), a review of A Series of Unfortunate Events (the books, not the movie), and, today, Dusty Plastic HELLside #38. Check 'em out! (more...)

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Dusty Plastic HELLside #38 (content pages)

Includes Ninja Arsenal!

Dusty Plastic HELLside #38!

After what feels like AGES, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures are BACK! We just couldn't contain our excitement, so here's a quick Dusty Plastic HELLside comic featuring these latest additions to our collection.  (7/9/12)

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July 8, 2012
A Series of Unfortunate Events (content pages)

Them waters be filled with carnivorous leeches.

A Series of Unfortunate Events!

In this multi-book review, we assess Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events in broad but rather thorough strokes. Unfortunately, while there's a lot to like about the books, you'd be better off watching the movie.  (7/8/12)

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July 6, 2012
A Random Lunch #12 (content pages)

Totally try this at home, kids! Just don't blame us if you get sick.


YES -- A Random Lunch is back with a brand new twelfth installment! After days without electricity, Wes dares to consume the Hot Pockets left in the fridge. But that alone wouldn't make for a Random Lunch, would it?  (7/6/12)

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