September 13, 2012
Quick Review: Marvel Legends Dark Wolverine

Hey, readers -- and welcome to yet another blog feature on Scary-Crayon. I'm still going to be doing full figure reviews chock full o' pics (when I can find the time, natch), but -- since I buy way more toys than I can hope give the in-depth treatment -- I'm also going to start doing quickie reviews of some recent acquisitions on the blog. The format should also help to keep content flowing at a semi-regular pace, which you know is something I struggle with here. @_@

Anyway, read on for my quick thoughts about Hasbro's (Return of) Marvel Legends Dark Wolverine figure! (more...)

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What is your favorite TMNT toyline?

So over on The Technodrome Forums, there's a poll running in the toy section on users' favorite TMNT toyline -- the choices being the original line (1988-1997), the Next Mutation line (1997-1998), the 2K3 line (including Fast Forward; 2003-2006), the TMNT movie line (2007-2008), the NECA line (2008-2009), and the current Nickelodeon line (2012-). (The new classic figures weren't mentioned separately, but I guess one could include them with the Nick offerings.) Which would you choose?

My answer is below. It was kinda lengthy and it's totally in line with stuff we discuss on Scary-Crayon, so I figured I'd post it here as well. 😛

As much as I like certain offerings from many of the others, none of them come close to the original TMNT line. It was just so expansive, the sculpts were and remain among the neatest and most detailed of any toyline... and so many of the figures were just weird and novel. Universal Monsters and Star Trek Turtles? Turtles with birthday and military themes? (SUPERMUTANT TURTLES?!) Tons of figures with wild and play-enhancing action features in addition to the normal versions? It was just crazy awesome.

It was also consistent, which is something the 2K3+ Playmates lines have lacked. One might have felt that a particular sculpt was more detailed than another or a particular action feature was more effective, but every figure had more/less the same poseability and level of painted detail -- so you didn't have instances like the later Playmates lines where the Turtles figures were so markedly superior to every other release in the line. The NECA figures were consistent, but that's hardly an impressive feat since they all used the same body. 😛

Now, it's possible that the Nick line will eventually grow to the extent that the vintage line did, but I highly doubt it -- as I doubt that we'll ever see offerings from it as unique as what we got back in the 90s. I'd love to be proven wrong on that front, but until that day I have to cast my vote for the vintage line.

(Which isn't to say that all of my favorite figures come from the vintage line -- I love the NECA Turtles, and the new Nick figures are probably my favorite standard versions of the boys yet -- but the vintage TMNT line is still easily the best line of the aforementioned choices. I'd even argue that it's one of the best toylines ever.)

In retrospect, I guess I was answering the question of which was the best overall line rather than my favorite -- but even then I'd have to go with the vintage line. Sure, some of my favorite TMNT figures ever come from the NECA and Nickelodeon lines (I am totally digging the new Nick Turtles), but I've got more favorites from the vintage line than those lines (thus far) even have figures. I hope the Nick line lasts long enough to change that, at least!

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September 12, 2012
Thrift Store Thursday #3

Yeah, yeah -- it's Thrift Store Thursday again. It's getting kinda tough to be unique with these intros. 😛

More bags of thrift store toys...

So today we have two bags to explore -- one that cost 60 cents and one that cost 90 cents. As with the intro, I've got nothin' in terms of further stuff to add: so let's open 'em up already. (more...)

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