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Crayon Poetry Corner #3!

Scary-Crayon's dark days continue with the third edition of Crayon Poetry Corner. In this villanelle (!!!) entitled "Grass Cutting in the Dark", Wes explores the frustration of being made to cut the dark.  (5/3/04)

Crayon Poetry Corner #2.

Crayon Poetry Corner #2!

In the second installment of Crayon Poetry Corner, Wes takes the stage to deliver a silly little number entitled "goth girl". Any guesses as to what the poem is about? There are a couple of nifty illustrations, too.  (4/3/04)

Crayon Poetry Corner #1.

Crayon Poetry Corner #1!

Here, Scary-Crayon expands its poetic scope with the introduction of a new featurette: Crayon Poetry Corner. Taking the stage, Wes submits "macabre asylum eight" for your enjoyment. With a crayon illustration.  (3/22/04)