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Doomsday <3 Chloe.

A Crayon Haiku #86, 87, and 88!

It's a haiku triple-threat with A Crayon Haiku #86, 87, and 88 -- all rolled into one compact package! If you're looking to read about toy-related injuries and TV shows in 5-7-5 syllable format, this is the featurette for you.  (11/27/08)

His drill is the drill that pierces the heavens.


When it comes to poseability, Revoltech figures are tops -- and guest writer Sixshot shows us that the Yamaguchi Series #50 Gurren Lagann is no exception. But whereas Trix are for kids, this fig is for collectors only.  (11/19/08)

The Spiderskin Prophecies.

A Crayon Haiku #85!

OMFG THE HORROR!!! Spiders don't bother us, but the heating service technician freaked out when he found the arachnid calling card depicted in A Crayon Haiku #85. It must be a recluse, 'cause I've never seen it.  (11/19/08)

Wolverine's healing factor can't fix everything. :(

A Crayon Haiku #84!

Actually, that exclamation point above should probably be replaced by a period or ellipses, as A Crayon Haiku #84 takes its cue from my latest action figure disappointment. C'mon, Hasbro -- it's called quality control.  (11/19/08)



Yes, Halloween has technically passed, but it's always Halloween at Scary-Crayon! And to prove it, we're posting the Halloween 2008 Snacks review in November. While you talk turkey, we hobnob with hellspawn.  (11/11/08)

It's that prehistoric pugilist!

A Crayon Haiku #83!

The Tekken series wasn't saturated with zany characters, but it definitely had its share of odd combatants. As seen in A Crayon Haiku #83, I'm now attempting to immortalize one of them with a custom figure.  (11/11/08)

Chewy pink goodness in a skull candy dish!

Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #106!

Ever since "Heroes" Season 1, it's been implied that Sylar eats brains. But does he really chow down? Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #106 revisits the shocking revelation... along with reactions from his fellow monsters.  (10/8/08)


A Crayon Haiku #82!

What do Rupert Giles, Samuel Anders, and Tommy Oliver have in common? What is the connection between the White and Black Dino Rangers? These burning questions receive answers in A Crayon Haiku #82!  (10/8/08)

The circle of life.


...humans and dinosaurs lived side by side. That's what's shown in the Sight & Sound Theatres retelling of Genesis 1-4, anyway! In this review several attractions in Lancaster County, PA, we highlight the absurdity of it all.  (9/19/08)

An Action Figure We Can Believe In


Barack Obama's been many things: community organizer, professor, senator, presidential candidate... and now he's even a novelty action figure! Read on for a closer look at the 6-inch representation of an inspiring leader.  (9/8/08)

''Baby be damned -- I'm giving my speech!''

Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #105!

When you're pregnant and your water breaks, it's a good idea to get yourself to a hospital pronto -- but tell that to Sarah Palin! In Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #105, we mock the governor's irresponsible actions.  (9/8/08)

Scorpio sphinx in a moth-eaten dress.


It's time for more Sarah Jane Smith Fashionista Fever! In Mickey's third installment, we see the lovely Miss Smith don everything from pink sailor suits to stained Victorian linens. Quite an eclectic sense of style, eh?  (9/3/08)

Sarah Jane is ferocious.

Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #104!

Sarah Jane Smith may have been a shrieking pushover in the 1970s, but -- as she's demonstrated on "Doctor Who" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures" -- she's learned how to fight since then! Davros is not impressed.  (9/3/08)

No crusty snot here -- these balls are fresh 'n' gooey!


Although we've billed this as a sticker review, our analysis of these appalling adhesives mostly details our thoughts about the new Madballs depicted on them. And how could we not? They're delightfully disgusting!  (8/11/08)

Love that 'do, Angelique.


Last time, the Doctor unwittingly solved a puzzle box... one that summoned those otherworldly entities known as the Cenobites. How will he avoid the taste of their pleasures? Find out in "The Doctor's Demons" Part 2!  (8/11/08)

Too brilliant for his own good.


The Doctor is brilliant -- and in Dusty Plastic HELL #7A, we see just how brilliant when he tackles a puzzle box that relatively few people have been able to solve! But success with puzzle boxes is not always desirable...  (8/3/08)

For the GLORY of Megatron!!!


Or maybe not in your Happy Meal, since apparently we've failed to post this in time for you to catch the McDonald's "Transformers Animated" promotion. Don't feel too bad, though -- mini-Lugnut is kinda lame.  (7/29/08)

He's the best at what he does.

A Crayon Haiku #81!

"Wolverine and the X-Men" will be hitting Nicktoons in 2009, but in the meantime he's starring solo in his very own Crayon Haiku! We think he's a bit overdressed for the occasion, but are you gonna tell him that?!  (7/29/08)

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