March 7, 2006
The Amazing Spider-Man!!!

Following last month’s lengthy review of X-Men II: The Fall of the Mutants, Scary-Crayon turns to another of Paragon Software’s comic-themed PC titles — The Amazing Spider-Man. Unlike the former game, however, I can’t entirely recommend this one, as in addition to being a poor and quite creepy representation of Spidey, the game’s bloody impossible. You may have better luck than I did, but still — this is not a game to be taken lightly, if it is, in fact, a game to be taken at all. As before, should you wish to play, DOSBox is probably your best bet. Anyway, enjoy the review! After a few more, I’m planning a slight layout adjustment and the addition of a games section to the site. No telling exactly when that’ll happen, mind you, but I just thought I’d mention it. ;P

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  • COOL! More game reviews would be great!

    I’ve definately been more interrested in old games than newer games lately, (check out this thread on the ‘drome for details http://forums.thetechnodrome.c.....hp?t=13120)

    Oh, and for the record, I thought Kirsten Dunst was actually a pretty good Mary Jane. I thought the casting was great all around actually.

  • Wes says:

    Oh, I didn’t mind her in the movies — I just don’t think she looks the part, seeing as how MJ was a supermodel and I don’t find Kirsten Dunst hot in the least. How old is Lindsay Lohan? She might’ve made a good Mary Jane.

  • Wow, we’re reversed, I guess. Cause I think Dunst is pretty, but not Lindsay Lohan.

  • Greg says:

    Remind me to show you latest Lohan pic, Wes. You’ll do a complete 180 on your opinion on her.

  • Wes says:

    Well, there are far hotter actresses in Hollywood, but as much as I like Winona Ryder I don’t think she’d make a very good MJ! Lohan’s the only person who comes to mind that has the proper look/attitude (and falls in the requisite age range) to do MJ.

  • Actually, I don’t think Lohan is “curvy” enough to play MJ. If I had to pick an alternate MJ actress, It’d be Scarlett Johanson. But, I’d still prefer Kirsten Dunst.

    BTW Have you ever seen “The Virgin Suicides”, that movie took away MY doubts of KD’s sex-appeal.

  • Molly says:

    One of the first video games I remember playing was a Spider-Man one. Not that one though, the one I played came sooner I guess and the point was that you had to scale a wall while things got in your way and/or fell on you. Oh, the thrills. There could have been more after that level, but I wouldn’t know because I sucked at it.

    On another note, I didn’t know that pushing the esc key caused animations to suspend movement. This newfound knowledge will be quite useful. Thank you.

  • Dave says:

    This game is not impossible. I beat it without using the glitch shorcut. It is very tough but it is possible.

  • Jing says:

    My friend beat the game in the real way

  • Dar says:

    Good to see someone somewhere out there actually knows of this game.

    I had (and still have, on an emulator), this game on the Amiga.

    I found the controls difficult, but there was something about the game I liked. I guess it was the look of the game. The starry night background, and its easy-going pacer, gave it a mellow feel.

    Sweet (in a cool way) review.

  • Ridge says:

    That sarcasm!!!
    Love it.

  • Doragón (Paraguay) says:

    I never think someone else but me play this game.

    I never win in the normal way. I think is nearly imposible, but I found a glitch on the roof in the scenary of Mysterio, with this you can win the game in around one minute.

    I don´t remember well how to perform the glitch, but when it is done, spiderman fall down inside the building. If I remember well, spidey must shoot the red button aside Mysterio, Mysterio fall down and spidey must climb up and go inside where MJ actually is. When spidey touch MJ, appear a picture of spidey holding MJ in his arms, with a victory message, THE END.

    Sorry if my english is a surviver-horror, but I only speak español.

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