March 14, 2009
A whole buncha Crayon Haiku!

I meant to get these up late on Friday the thirteenth, but I got a bit distracted by some much-needed sleep. Oh well, I suppose it’s still SPOOKY DAY on the West Coast, eh? I hope nothing bad happens to y’all out there in the remaining hours.

Anyway, lots of Crayon Haiku this update! I finally found Juggernaut, and it’s fitting that the Willow figure I ordered earlier arrived on Friday the thirteenth, what with her being a witch. Still, she’s no match for Mr. Marko.

The lack of content this week can also be explained by another distraction — customizing! After seeing the New York Comic Con pics of Playmates’ rather unfortunate Shredder, I got it into my head to make my own… and not even the news that NECA’s awesome comic Shredder will be released couldn’t deter me from this task. But it’ll look quite a bit different from the NECA version, what with the Super Shredder armor and quite different color scheme (right now I’m thinking black with purple highlights), so it’s not like I’ll be tempted to retire mine because NECA’s shows up. Heck, NECA’s will probably show up before I’ve finished. Look how long I’ve taken (and continue to take) with poor Wolverine!

Last weekend’s debut of “Power Rangers RPM” was kinda weak — and I absolutely hate the theme song — but at least the figures look pretty good alongside the Doctor and crew!

And yes, Bacardi uses a litterbox. Mostly. He’s a lot like a cat.

Anyway, even though Friday the thirteenth is over, I’m not satisfied with missing an update — so to make it up to you, I’m planning a couple of horror-themed articles in the near future. And another figure review, since I got this toy today that I really want to open, but I can’t do that until I take in-package pictures and whatnot. He’s small and I know nothing about him, so hopefully it’ll be a quick piece.

And then the Power Rangers figure roundup. Jungle Fury figures may not be around by the time I get to it… so if you’re on the fence and you happen upon one of those Jungle Master 4-packs at TRU (which is how I was finally able to get the Yellow and Wolf Rangers, even though it left me with doubles of the Red and Blue Rangers), flipping get it. They’re cool figures, and at $5 each (the set is $20), they’re quite the bargain.

Okey-doke, seeya next time. 🙂

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  • the Jax says:

    I agree, Playmates’ Shredder is definitely missing something—he looks arrogant, but not very ruthless. He puts me in mind of a dollar store ninja, minus a second body color and all the cool accessories.

  • Wes says:

    Good observation, Jax — he is reminiscent of a dollar store ninja! I keep meaning to ask you about those, by the way. 🙂

  • Jester says:

    Dog litter? I didn’t know they made that.

    And Simon Saki looks wicked Wes.

  • Another wonderful round of Haiku, Wes!

    Your home-customized Shredder figure looks great so far!

    Might I ask, what parts from what toys you’re using to construct him?

    By the way, I agree with you and Jax. I have a dollar store ninja that, once you put his snap-on armor on, is pretty much exactly 2003 Shredder without the blades. I think the armor’s design might have been a little “inspired” by him.

    As for Bacardi’s little “faux pas”, that’s why little doggies (and kitties, bunnies, etc.) are so cute: So you don’t kill them when they do this stuff.

    Also, with apologies for always posting about my stuff in your blog (perhaps I should get my own), I think as a Dinosaur fan you might want to check out my latest batch of CG art: http://forums.tezukainenglish......4159#14159

  • Ninjinister says:

    Which ‘Naut is that?

  • Wes says:

    Tetsu: Thanks! The figure is basically Wonder Man with Super Shredder armor at this point, though I intend to swap the boots for those of another figure and maybe throw in some different armor as well. We’ll see!

    And yes, Bacardi is far too cute and fun to warrant death.

    Great CG pics — I’d like to see a (scary) crayon T-Rex. 🙂

    Ninjinister: That would be the new Spider-Man Classics Juggernaut. It’s not the behemoth that was the ML6 version, but this one’s currently on shelves (when you can find him, anyway) for $11… so it beats the jacked-up secondary market fees you’d pay for the older figure. I really like the ankle articulation on this one, too!

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