April 13, 2007
A Crayon Haiku on Friday the 13th!

I was hoping to post a new poem for you today, but I decided to postpone it for the time being because I couldn’t seem to come up with more than two verses. I still wanted to have something up to commemorate FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH, though, so here is A Crayon Haiku #64!

Speaking of poems, I found some older ones that I wrote that will also be making appearances on the site in the near future. STAY TUNED.

I am going to use the mayo to make some egg salad tonight.

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  • agustinaldo says:

    It’s Friday the 13th, and no Jason Voorhees article?

    A review of “Jason X” or “Freddy VS Jason”?

    A comparison article between all the actors/stuntmen who played Jason?

    A review of McFarlane’s Jason action figures?

    Instead, we get a frickin’ mayonaisse haiku.

    Salad toppings are NO replacement for my beloved Jason.

  • Wes says:

    You know, it occurs to me that Jason Voorhees has never appeared on this site! Granted, I have a hockey-mask wearing crayon on most of the shirts in the shop, and I’ve used Casey Jones as a stand-in for haikus and Hot Flashes in the past, but yeah. Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of the Friday the 13th films — I think I’ve only seen one of them — so none of those articles really appeal to me. Sorry.

    But the real reason that I didn’t post even a more involved article on Friday the 13th was that I didn’t have the time to get even the freaking poem right! The mayonnaise haiku, however, was quick and easy. 😛

    It’s one thing to criticize the work itself, but please don’t criticize me for my choice of topics (unless, of course, you find the topic to be somehow offensive and/or worthy of further discussion). But if you really want to see a review of McFarlane’s Jason action figures or any of the films, you’re welcome to write one yourself.

    Or — alternately — you could buy the action figures and/or DVDs you’d like to review and then mail them to me. Provided that the sender formally requests that I do so, I am obligated to review any and all donation gifts that I accept (barring legal restrictions and certain moral concerns).

  • RADIX says:

    I ate Pop-Tarts from a fairly cheap store and didn’t keel over. I think I had an allergic reaction, though. 🙁

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