August 18, 2007
At last — Dusty Plastic HELL #6!

Can you believe that the last “true” episode of Dusty Plastic HELL took place way back in 2005?! That’s insane! So, by almost completely arbitrary decree, here is — at long last — Dusty Plastic HELL #6. Before you go getting excited (or apologies if you already read it with high hopes that were cruelly dashed), it’s not the continuation of the ancient and unfinished Krang saga. As mentioned previously, I’m probably going to end up reshooting that one with real backgrounds, as using the Batcave for this one truly did save me quite a bit of time. Instead, here’s a comic explaining why future Transformers comics will likely take place in the Batcave and the generic abandoned factory that serves as a generic hideout for Batman’s manifold foes. (Unlike many toy lines that required you to buy playsets for both the heroes’ and the villains’ respective headquarters, the Batcave playset actually includes both — along with Wayne Manor to boot. Much appreciated, Kenner!)

This just in: my laptop just rebooted for no apparent reason, but I didn’t lose any of the above paragraph because WordPress had apparently autosaved my draft. Once again, WordPress gets my recommendation and appreciation for sparing me a great deal of frustration. Accept no imitation(s). Hurray for initially unintentional and then drawn-out rhyming.

Anyway, before I’d mentioned that I might use the amount of panels to determine which comics constitute Hot Flashes and full DPH episodes — with anything having six or fewer panels being a Hot Flash and anything with more being an actual ep — but as you can see, I’ve thrown that idea out. Instead, I’ve decided (at least for the time being :P) to base it on continuity. Like, because the Autobots will undoubtedly be shown using the Batcave in future comics, this is elevated above Hot Flash status. There will still likely be some that get picked based on the amount of panels, but I explicitly mention the removal of that criteria because I think that I’m going to shorten the amount of panels in the full episodes and having more “to be continued” endings. I almost ended this one here after the third panel and had it carry into the next comic, but eh, what the heck. Upcoming Krang eps will probably be between three and five panels.

And yeah, I know I implied that I’d have this up a whole lot earlier, but after a conversation with Greg of Pop Arena I kinda got sidetracked and started fooling with some other stuff. To that end, here’s a preview that will possibly decrease your enjoyment of the upcoming Boy Meets World article by 1/3 because I plan on reusing this clip in it (or rather because this clip is borrowed from the material I’ve begun arranging for it):

Yes, embedded video clips (that don’t rely on YouTube) will be coming to Scary-Crayon! They probably won’t be all that frequent since they’re really only applicable for Spectare reviews, but they should make those articles slightly more entertaining… and potentially easier to write, since instead of describing batshit insane scenes I can just say, “Fuck it, watch the clip and see for yourself.” And then you can do just that!

‘Kay, seeya next time. And to readers whom I owe e-mails, I apologize for the tardiness of my replies! I did receive them, and I very much thank you for your positive comments regarding the site. Someday I will (hopefully) get around to giving you all adequate responses!

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  • RADIX says:

    Haha. I like. Now, what about Decepticon HQ?

    Embedded video clips, eh? For a long time I was frustrated with TV.Links because it pulled off of YouTube (and still does) and required some plugin of which I did not have installed, out of fear of what it’d do to my computer. It seems that after upgrading Firefox, this problem is fixed, but watching the first five seconds of NIN’s “Sin” may have scared me away for good. D:

    Uh…back to the clips. Yes, this sounds much more convenient than downloading them. I have a big problem with downloading because with my browser, it takes forever and a day. What is up with Firefox and speedy downloads?

  • Wes says:

    For Decepticon HQ, I just turn the Batcave around — it’s as simple as that! More playsets should be this inclusive.

    I’ve never really known Firefox to download any faster than IE, but I have heard people complain about that. Or were you suggesting that Firefox is slow? If not, the solution — of course — is to get Firefox. I do like this newfound knowledge concerning how to host embedded clips here, though… I’ll have to resist the temptation to host entire episodes of old shows. 🙂

  • Wow I got DSL just in time then.

    Can’t wait for a Boy Meets World article. I used to LOVE that show. Corey + Topanga 4Evah!

    Anyway, nice comic. Sounds like you really got your money’s worth on that playset. So, many uses.

  • Canada's Matt says:

    Video clips?! Wes, you never cease to impress.

    And a Boy Meets World article in the near future? YES! I loved that show as a kid (back in Canada, I think it was a new show every Friday on ABC with it’s old TGIF block) but what episode will you write about? The pilot?

    Comic was awesome, enough said. =)

  • RADIX says:

    Wes: I suppose Firefox just downloads slowly. Most times it’s very fast in terms of getting from page A to page B, but every once in a while I get that damned “Document Contains No Data” or “Operation Timed Out” message. Very frustrating.

    I’ve never really watched Boy Meets World, but then, as I got older, I didn’t watch much of anything.

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