November 22, 2005
The Week of Hot Flashes continues!

And while that is indeed true with Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #60, today's update also boasts something a little more substantial: A Random Lunch #9! Thrill to the wacky, cheesy, grahammy adventures of Kain and Wild Boar Alien in another instance of one of Scary-Crayon's most beloved recurring themes. And regarding the Hot Flash, yes, I know what the spam message really meant -- but that was a rather odd way of putting it, don't you think?

Hey, speaking of dinosaurs fighting giant more or less humanoid creatures, have you seen the new King Kong toys? The T-Rex figure -- or V-Rex, as they're calling it, which I think is hella stupid -- has that weird collapsing action "feature". A few of the figures in the new TMNT line have it also. And you know what? I hate it and would like to meet the moron that came up with it just so I can slap that person. Action figures ALREADY have a built-in collapsing feature, people -- it's called being vulnerable to gravity and falling the fuck over. There's no need for a character to collapse into a mess of limbs connected by string, like that's what really happens when somebody loses a fight anyway. It might make sense if this were a feature on, say, one of the Kill Bill enemy action figures, but anywhere else? DUMB.

The Week of Hot Flashes continues tomorrow with Hot Flash #61!

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