November 27, 2008
Have some Crayon Haiku with your turkey!

In keeping with our goal of reaching the 100th Crayon Haiku before the end of 2008, here are three new ones: A Crayon Haiku #86, 87, and 88! At least for the time being, I’ll post them in per update blocks — which is to say that if I post three haiku during a given update (like this one), I’ll stick them all on the same page. If nothing else, it should keep me from running other more substantial content off of the front page given the possibility of me posting massive amounts of haiku on December 31. 🙂

Anyway, if you recall, A Crayon Haiku #84 highlighted a problem with my most recent Marvel Legends purchase — Wolverine had two right forearms! I was able to successfully exchange it for another Wolverine with all of his parts, but when I got the figure home I noticed something else problematic about it. Apparently mine wasn’t unique in this respect, as you can see the problem in the gallery, at, and perhaps even on the original mold: there’s a small but not insignificant gap between Wolverine’s torso and his belt. And it bugged the living crap out of me.

So I tried to fix it. I noticed that the figure was pretty level in the back, so I tried to find ways of forcing the figure slightly forward. First I put some superglue back there — but while this would’ve been ideal if I’d been able to crack the crotch apart and let the glue dry without the body nearby, all I ultimately succeeded in doing is making the joint a bit tighter. Then I had the brilliant idea of sticking something in there, so I jammed the plastic tray from another figure into the gap and tried to trim around it to leave the piece inside. It seemed like this would work out well! Unfortunately, while I was trimming the excess plastic with my hobby knife, my hand slipped. And there was blood.

Don't try this at home, kids.

Anyway, here’s how it looks from the back. The glue still wasn’t completely dry, so it’s in there pretty well. I think if I had it to do over again I’d probably try to make sure the plastic got glued to the torso piece rather than the crotch — with this method, there’s still a slight gap (though less obvious than the original one) when Wolverine turns to the side — but ah well. I’ve also given the yellow parts a slight wash and am in the process of repainting the blue areas, and eventually I plan to fit Wolvie with steel claws as seen in Kyle Robinson’s tutorial. I had originally decided against this given the possibility of Wolverine maiming me, but since blood has already been spilled I’m less averse to spilling more. 😛

The remaining two haiku are about “Smallville” and “Heroes”, respectively. I’ve called “Smallville” among the worst TV shows on television in the past, but whereas I’ve mainly put up with the last two seasons for Allison Mack — whose character, Chloe Sullivan, helped to satisfy my lingering Willow cravings — I now actually enjoy watching it. I can’t in good conscience call it good, as some pretty stupid and/or solely story-serving developments still occur, but I can now state that it is decidedly not bad. And absence must make the heart grow fonder, because Kristin Kreuk did nothing for me before and I actually found her attractive in the most recent episode. I think I might even be able to tolerate her as Chun-Li in the upcoming Street Fighter film. Might.

“Heroes,” on the other hand, has become so goddamned awful I can’t even begin to discuss it. So I won’t. Suffice it to say that I find it disgusting that “Heroes” will likely stick around for another year while “Pushing Daisies” is getting the axe — and while excellent shows like “Journeyman” get killed after one season. For shame, television executives — for shame.

Okey-doke, all for now. And while the new multiple-haiku groupings means that there won’t be any bonus haiku on individual pages (which is just as well; note that if we’d counted all of the bonus haiku and “special” editions — like the Resident Evil 2 Edition — we’d have reached our numerical goal by now), I might occasionally include some in SC blog updates. Like this one! Here goes:

Happy Thanksgiving,
readers of Scary-Crayon!
We’re thankful for you. 🙂

Until next time.

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