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A Dusty Plastic HELL


by: Wes

DPH: HF #18 -- A pseudo-philosophical dialogue.

''Pseudo-philosophy rocks!''

Wild Boar Alien:Question. Doesn't calcium help to strengthen one's bones and teeth?

Kain:Yes, I believe it does.

Wild Boar Alien:And doesn't milk already have calcium in it?

Kain:Indeed! But apparently so does this cereal.

Wild Boar Alien:Quite true, but here's the rub -- doesn't one eat cereal with milk?

Kain:I don't see what you're getting at.

Wild Boar Alien:Well, wouldn't eating this cereal with milk nearly double one's calcium intake?

Kain:Something like that...

Wild Boar Alien:And doesn't calcium strengthen one's bones and teeth?

Kain:Yes; we've already been over that.

Wild Boar Alien:Then wouldn't eating this cereal with milk stand to make one's bones and teeth even stronger?

Kain:I suppose it would.

Wild Boar Alien:Then what happens when they get so strong that they no longer require one's body to support them?

I hate pseudo-philosophical dialogues.

''Conclusion: This cereal is dangerous.''

-- Wes --

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