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A Random Lunch

by: Wes

''I don't think we should see each other anymore.''''WHY?!?! Is there someone else???''

''Dude, that kangaroo is BLUE!!!''''No comment.''

''TRADITIONAL FETA CHEESE!!!''''God, it smells AWFUL! I can't look.''

''Uh... NO.''

''I'm frightened, Kain.''''HOLD ME.''

The Verdict:

Verdict: Not bad at all!Okay, I'll be honest. If you took a piece of cardboard, cut it into a bunch of tiny squares, soaked them in honey, and then put them in a bowl with melted feta cheese, the final product would probably taste a lot like this. And yet, despite smelling like the first successful test of a pre-smell gun that imbued its target with the smell of your vomit even before the stench made you throw up -- thus making it both the cause and effect of your regurgitation -- the taste itself is actually kinda good. For the first few bites, anyway. After that, it becomes so overwhelmingly cloying that you'll be tempted to put soy sauce on it to tone down the sweetness. Interestingly enough, the taste vaguely resembles some kind of sophisticated cheese hors d'oeuvres, so if you're ever forced to play host to a bunch of rich snooty folks, serve them this in shotglasses with tiny spoons the next time they come over. It'll be our little secret.  ;)

-- Wes --

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