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A Crayon Haiku

Toys ''R'' Us Times Square Edition

by: Wes

Times Square's Toys "R" Us!!!
Three floors of toyful goodness!!!
Come inside, won't you?

Look! Little People!!!

Look! Little People!!!
Walk past and they'll hit on you!
These bastards are fresh.

Mmmm... it's Candyland.That green M&M looks gooooood.

Mmmm... it's Candyland.
That green M&M looks gooooood.
Come with me, baby.  ;d~~

Ride the ferris wheel!!!The lizard knows best.

Ride the ferris wheel!!!
But watch your tail going down!
The lizard knows best.

How terrifying.

Teletubbies are
everywhere! And Boohbahs too!
How terrifying.

Whoa! Barbie for Pres!Better than Bush or Kerry, / for sure.

Whoa! Barbie for Pres!
Better than Bush or Kerry,
for sure. YOU GO, GIRL!!!

Rescue Dogs cost more.

What the...? Dogs with clothes???
Rescue Dogs I get, but with clothes???
Rescue Dogs cost more.

ALL HAIL THE TYRANNOSAUR!!!!!!!!!I love you, T-Rex.

Holy mother of.........  O_O (!!!!!!)
I love you, T-Rex.

Bye-bye, Toys ''R'' Us!!!

Bye-bye, Toys "R" Us!!!
Thank you for being so cool!!
We will meet again.

-- Wes --

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