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"macabre asylum eight"
by: Wes

macabre asylum eight

Perversity! we find our bliss
in ghastly art and limboís kiss
we stalk alone and make no sound
and trespass not on hallowed ground
and wretched, blameless lives we take,
unholy gnawing thirst to slake
forever damned to kill and rape
by madness touched -- thereís no escape --
as maggots crawl about the skulls
and shrieks resound in vacant hulls
while rotting ships sail dreadful nights

and clotting mists hide grisly sights
restrained from toe to fearful height
by searing chains bound awfully tight
our thoughts entrenched in heaps of gore
and corpses blanket all the floor
yet never full -- here, have some more
sweet, cloying blood and flesh galore
(while sick fetishists cry, "Encore!")
entrails devoured, splintered bone
and hungry still and all alone
bear that in mind -- Iíve lost my own.

-- Wes --

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