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"goth girl"
by: Wes

''goth girl''

goth girl, goth girl
so spooky and creepy
and dark...

hm. we need a word
that rhymes with dark.
but I don't have
one. why not lark?
no; larks are happy
and sappy
not scary. maybe spark?
no; sparks reek of light
and our goth girl
is dark as night.
AH! shark! shark! shark!
slick! iridescent!
but your moon's full;
this rhymes with crescent
and they're really catfish
anyway. quark? bah, physicist.
ark? HA! that one's off the list...
park? no, no -- too sweet and green.
shark again! great white?
no, no -- too mean.
even for you, goth girl.

eye of toady;
feather of hen;
alright, goth girl,
let's try this again...

goth girl, goth girl
so spooky and creepy
and dark...

darker than a lark,
and a spark, and a shark,
and darker than a catfish too.
more creepy than a quark,
spookier than the ark
(unless the legends are
true and it burns you
to death), and the park
and its fresh air and
damnable green run SHRIEKING --
yes, SHRIEKING -- from the creepy,
spooky goth girl,
who is also dark.

''goth girl''

-- Wes --

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