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Crayon Poetry Corner

"the desolate photographer's plea"

by: Wes

Excuse me, miss -- hi.
I'm very sorry to bother you. Everyone
seems to be in such a hurry these
days, and I know you're probably heading
somewhere to do something
important -- good luck with that --
but might I persuade you stop and spare
just a moment of your time?

See, I'd like to take your picture

Wait! Wait. I know how creepy that must
sound to you, but hear me out,


I don't want to blow your photo up
at a print shop and tape it to the ceiling,
so that on cold, lonely nights I can lie
on my back in my quiet flat, gazing
up at your precious expression
and masturbating furiously;

I don't intend to scan your image
into my computer and paste your head
onto the naked body of a French porn starlet
last seen alive in an underground snuff film
but prominently featured in two subsequent productions;

I don't plan to draw you as an anime character,
naked, sweating, and crying out as throbbing
tentacles burst through the pavement and pollenate
your blooming nether-flower;

And I certainly don't intend to use your picture
to track you down at your home address, watching
you daily from a tree outside your bathroom window
until finally working up the nerve to meet you
behind the shower curtain

I just want to add your photo to my collection

so that on those nights when I lose power
in my home and all is darkness and my hands grope
about in my cluttered desk for the pen
knife and oblivion lies just down the block
(not across the street),
I find instead a small pocket-sized album,
browse its contents by candlelight --
pictures of trees, parakeets, sunsets, milkshakes --

and you

and remind myself that there is beauty in this world

miscellaneous photos arranged on a dinosaur comforter

-- Wes --

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