Sparks & Sprinkles
Rappin' with Drakken! Yo-yo-yo he used to be Drew. One day he turned blue! As a suede shoe or berry (it makes him look scary) then he ponytailed his hair-y. Got him a nasty scar. And a funky fresh flying car! Now Drew be Dr. Drakken...  (4/1/06)
Eddie sure likes his donuts. Every kid loves donuts -- but did you know that you don't have to eat them by themselves? The next time you have a glazed donut on hand, try incorporating it into this fun Disney-Crayon recipe! Ask your parents for help.  (4/1/06)
Mein Kampf for kids! Have you ever wanted to learn more about Adolf Hitler? Of course you have -- and now you can, with this kid-friendly translation of Hitler's Mein Kampf! Join Disney-Crayon as we review this delightful piece of literature.  (4/1/06)
The Lizzie McGuire Movie! Like the tagline says, the only risk in taking an adventure is not taking it at all! In this Disney-Crayon film analysis, we explore the meaning of life as expressed in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. She's totally fabulous!  (4/1/06)
Therapy for dragon kids. Jake Long is your average kid -- except when he turns into a large red dragon! Maybe you can relate. And since being a dragon in normal society can be a drag(on), Jake's here to help with some coping mechanisms.  (4/1/06)
Mary-Kate & Ashley's Dance Party of the Century! It's time to boogie down with the Olsen twins in this retro game review of Mary-Kate & Ashley's Dance Party of the Century! Hat-wearing grilled cheese sandwiches are the greatest thing since hat-wearing sliced bread.  (4/1/06)
It's dat Proud Family waddap!!!! Fo shizzle ma nizzle -- it's dat Proud Family waddap!!!! It be time to bug out wit doze krazy Negroes who always be fresh in da 'hood! Ne1 who evah doubted dat Disney luvz de blizzack peeps shud be watchin' dis show.  (4/1/06)
Raven rules! She's absolutely psychic! There may be a lot of h8rs out there, but Disney-Crayon knows that "That's So Raven" is one of the most intelligent shows on TV! And that Raven -- she's so thin, she's blowing away in the wind!  (4/1/06)
'Ohana' means family. She's a sassy human girl; he's a genetically engineered force of evil -- so you just knew one day they'd hook up! In this exclusive Disney-Crayon early film review, we take a look at this heartwarming tale of bestiality. (4/1/06)