BEWARE THE SCARY (-) CRAYON!!!!!What is Scary-Crayon??? Glad you asked!

Scary-Crayon (dot com) is an eldritch Internet chronicle of random crap in the vein of such wildly popular sites as X-Entertainment and I-Mockery, but with fewer Flash ads, much less traffic, and arguably even less structure in terms of content. For example, whereas you'll find pieces ranging from in-depth reviews of Japanese horror films to criticisms of television commercials in the Spectare section, in Print Reviews you'll find snarky magazine analyses, discussions of children's books, and serious critiques of philosophical treatises. We've got formidable collections of haikus and webcomics that span topics from the juvenile to the socially conscious. In short, no matter what you're looking for -- fiction, culinary experiments, or something else altogether -- Scary-Crayon likely has a feature to make you chuckle, make you gag, or make you think.

Scary-Crayon is written and run by Wes (that's me; visit my personal site! However, in addition to Maximoff's contributions to our joint review of SFRanma and SFNinja (two homebrew PC games that he authored back in the day), Megz and Jax have written guest features for the site in the past. (Scary-Crayon does accept outside submissions, so drop us a line if you feel like you've got an idea that would make for a good article!) That said, unless you wish to contact our contributors for some specific reason, all inquiries, comments, criticisms, and the like regarding Scary-Crayon should be sent to Wes. C'mon -- don't be shy! After all, crayons don't bite...

And HEY! Did I mention that we take donations?  ^_____^

Anyway, we sincerely hope you enjoy Scary-Crayon. Feel free to send an e-mail and let us know what you think! Aaaand y'all come back now, y'hear?  :)

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