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Like this website, they can survive being frozen.

A Crayon Haiku #141!

Believe your eyes, dear reader, and be not deceived… after nearly three years of inactivity, there actually is a new thing on Scary-Crayon. A small thing, mind you, but still a thing! Behold: A Crayon Haiku #141.  (7/25/20)

Groupon is here for you.

A Crayon Haiku #140!

In A Crayon Haiku #140, we see that Groupon isn’t just about offering deals on Asian food and boat rentals — the company also aims to aid customers who need someone to listen. If you need help, contact Groupon.  (7/29/12)

Plz do not cry, adorable lady... ;____;

A Crayon Haiku #139!

With so many computer programs to choose from, why do users select one over another? Sometimes — as we see in A Crayon Haiku #139 — fiendish programs play on users’ emotions to stay on their hard drives.  (6/20/12)

all we are are particles of moisture in the atmosphere

A Crayon Haiku #138!

In this special Father’s Day installment of A Crayon Haiku, the Hulk remembers his dad, David Banner… as the man was depicted in Ang Lee’s 2003 Hulk. You don’t have to be angry all the time, Hulk. It’s okay to cry.  (6/17/12)

The Dark Knight just got darker.

A Crayon Haiku #137!

In A Crayon Haiku #137, we see Batman has no problem using lethal weapons — which suggests he hates guns simply because his parents were shot. So if they’d been run over, there would be no Batmobile?  (6/10/12)

FINALLY, the Rock has come BACK to... oh, wait.

A Crayon Haiku #136!

FINALLY, A Crayon Haiku has come BACK… to Scary-Crayon. In the 136th installment of the feature that kicked off the site, we see that even magazines are unwilling to accept the delayed release of a certain film.  (6/8/12)


A Crayon Haiku #132 through 135!

A Crayon Haiku just keeps on rolling! In this fiendish 5-7-5 four-pack, you’ll find a customized Foot ninja, Decepticons victorious, and the latest Legion of Doom tally! It’s not a very good day to be a hero, huh?  (6/10/09)

Waitasec, you're not Juggernaut...

A Crayon Haiku #123 through 131!

With its nine poems, one might call this installment of A Crayon Haiku a haiku JUGGERNAUT! That would also be fitting, since the piece contains the big man’s SC debut in superarticulated form. But ah, there’s more…  (3/14/09)

Casseticons'll getcha!

A Crayon Haiku #121 and 122!

2009 marks the 25th anniversary of Transformers — and in this installment of A Crayon Haiku (with an awesome image created by reader Ken), Soundwave and his crew are celebrating with ORE: Other robots’ Energon!  (3/3/09)

You can't spell "sexagenarian" without "sex."

A Crayon Haiku #118 through 120!

It’s Elisabeth Sladen’s birthday, so we just had to write a few celebratory Crayon Haiku! One, anyway. Another does have Sarah Jane and K-9… but the third has nothing to do with Lis whatsoever. It’s morphin’ time.  (2/1/09)

For auld lang syne, my dear...

A Crayon Haiku #111 through 117!

Let’s count: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven — SEVEN haiku! Ah ah ah ah ah. Yes, A Crayon Haiku #111 through 117 are here! Today is also Scary-Crayon’s fifth birthday, so there’s even a baby picture therein.  (1/25/09)

O say can you see...

A Crayon Haiku #108 through 110!

It’s a haiku triple-threat on this historic Inauguration Day! Perhaps Joe Biden was right about enemies moving to test President Obama, since the Legion of Doom grows stronger by the day. Be very afraid…  (1/20/09)

Shooby-doo-bop my computer love

A Crayon Haiku #104 through 107!

Multi-haiku madness returns with four more 5-7-5 syllable offerings! Dollar store pies, open laptop surgery, and toys, wonderful toys are among today’s featured topics. Gotta love those post-holiday clearance sales, eh?  (1/12/09)

There's always room for... waitaminute.

A Crayon Haiku #103!

In the first Crayon Haiku of 2009, guest writer Jax returns with a post-holiday comment on a fun turkey substitute for vegetarians! But then again, maybe not. Alas! Take heart, vegetarian friends — there’s always tofurkey.  (1/5/09)

Chun-Li doesn't die... she multiplies.

A Crayon Haiku #98 through 102!!

Yes, it’s finally happened — Scary-Crayon has crossed the 100-haiku threshold! Join Chun-Li(s), Skeletor, the rubber band ball and friends, and Spider-Man and the Human Torch as they mark this SC milestone.  (12/30/08)

She was once a little grey slab of clay...

A Crayon Haiku #89 through 97?!

A Crayon Haiku ups the 5-7-5 value with a whopping nine installments packed onto a single effin’ page! The Legion of Doom is back with a new member, but Wonder Woman is also on the scene… as are many others.  (12/3/08)

Doomsday <3 Chloe.

A Crayon Haiku #86, 87, and 88!

It’s a haiku triple-threat with A Crayon Haiku #86, 87, and 88 — all rolled into one compact package! If you’re looking to read about toy-related injuries and TV shows in 5-7-5 syllable format, this is the featurette for you.  (11/27/08)

The Spiderskin Prophecies.

A Crayon Haiku #85!

OMFG THE HORROR!!! Spiders don’t bother us, but the heating service technician freaked out when he found the arachnid calling card depicted in A Crayon Haiku #85. It must be a recluse, ’cause I’ve never seen it.  (11/19/08)