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Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #102!

We return to the “Heroes” universe in Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #102 as Matt Parkman grills Angela Petrelli at the precinct. As always, however, the dialogue and events proceed a tad bit differently in our rendition…  (12/2/07)

Mr. Butler... what are you doing?!

Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #101!

It’s time for another screencap comic — this time from the second season of “Heroes”! In Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #101, we see what happens when good geneticists go native. Also, Kristen Bell is hot.  (11/26/07)

Rawr will murder Decepticon kneecaps.


Yes, Rawr and Ultra Gunk finally return in Part 2 of the Quick Change Dinobots review! This time, we compare them to their cousins from the Transformers universe. It’s not exactly a fair comparison, but still…  (11/7/07)

O'Ryan has lovely hair.


Yes, Scary-Crayon likes more than just boys’ toys! Wes braves the awkwardness of buying tiny bendable girls and amazing technicolor beds in public so you can read about that groovy O’Ryan and her Bombastic Bed.  (10/1/07)

The Quick Change Dinobots Review: Part 1 of 2!


In the first part of this two-part toy review, Scary-Crayon looks at two members of the four man machine Quick Change Transforming System Dino Robots team. Swoop wishes he had a cheap Big Lots counterpart too.  (9/7/07)

A blast from the past... or is it the future?

A Crayon Haiku #67!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — it is really difficult to write four lines about the contents of a three-line haiku without rendering actually reading the poem unnecessary. A Crayon Haiku #67 has a dinosaur in it. Sorta.  (9/7/07)

Trini is awesome.


…and the greatness of Trini! Our latest Spectare review is mostly a critique of “Boy Meets World”, but we also pay tribute to Topanga’s quirky best friend… who appeared in all of two episodes. And look! Video clips!  (8/26/07)

Join Batman and Robin in Dusty Plastic HELL #6!


Yes — at last — it’s Dusty Plastic HELL #6! No — alas — it’s not the continuation of Krang’s quest for a body. Batman and Robin are here, though… and they’ve just returned to find some unexpected visitors in the Batcave.  (8/18/07)

A mysterious figure...

A Crayon Haiku #66!

Much like the responses on Jeopardy, A Crayon Haiku #66 takes the form of a question. Like certain answers and Daily Doubles, it also refers to an image. Will you be able to answer it? That was also a question.  (8/11/07)

Face Flippin' Chris Benoit!


Over the weekend of June 23, 2007, Chris Benoit shocked wrestling fans by killing his wife, his son, and himself. Yet in 2005, the Face Flippin’ Chris Benoit figure prophetically depicted the two sides of the late WWE star.  (8/7/07)

I wish this would transform into a better movie.


Transformers. Robots in disguise. Heroic Autobots battle evil Decepticons in a million-year war to decide the fate the universe. How do you screw up a premise like that? Michael Bay and company pulled it off.  (7/11/07)

Shanghai has tons of Ultraman toys.


As noted previously on Scary-Crayon, Wes spent a few days in China in May 2007 — and in Toys from Shanghai, he describes his experiences in the foreign toy shops and reviews his spoils. Toys have little holes, too.  (6/21/07)

''The Merchant of Nanjing Road''

Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #100!

And in Dusty Plastic Hell: Hot Flash #100 (yay!), we head on over to China for a sampling of Wes’s adventures on Nanjing Road, the main street for shopping in Shanghai. Indeed, one can buy all sorts of things there…  (6/5/07)

''Yet Another Wrong Number''

Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #99!

Why has my cell become a magnet for wrong numbers as of late? It’s maddening and mind-boggling, but at least it makes for good Hot Flash material. I’ll have a cape and a cowl and a plucky young sidekick (or two) to go!  (5/21/07)

Short Story: ''Mold Country''


In a faraway land where everything is covered with mold, a lone scholar takes it upon herself to rid her town of the oppressive fungus. Read about her solitary exploits in an allegorical tale entitled “Mold Country”.  (5/21/07)

Donatello knows bo.


Scary-Crayon continues its unofficial quest to review every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for the PC in this look at the MS-DOS versions of TMNT I and II. Beware, for April O’Neil has joined the ranks of the living dead.  (5/10/07)

Is that... Frogger?

Crayon Poetry Corner #14!

In the long-awaited 14th edition of Crayon Poetry Corner, we sadly reflect upon an encounter with a flattened horny toad during a late night walk. Weep, dear readers, for it died so young… and with so much undone.  (5/10/07)

The Lost Lunches: Volume One!


Many Random Lunches are made, but few are seen here: most are forgotten. Yet just as busty explorers raid ruins to uncover relics of old, so may you unearth these dishes by reading… The Lost Lunches: Volume One.  (5/5/07)