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"Why are you running?"
by: Wes

''Why are you running?''One afternoon,
on my way back from
work, I saw something
interesting as I walked
through the neighborhood
en route to the house.

A woman was running.

She wore headphones,
as the joggers often do,
and a sports bra, and
shorts, and socks and tennis
shoes, but nothing

Her abdomen was bare
and pale
and smooth
but slightly fleshy.

It looked soft -- very soft --
to the touch, and trembled
softly as she ran.

Kissing it
would have been pleasant.
I wanted to shout,
"Why are you running?
If not to harden your
soft body -- which you flaunt
with apparent pride --
why are you running?
Do you simply like
to run?"

Then I saw the thing chasing her.
But if she had been
famous, a man hidden
in a bush, behind a tree,
would have snapped her photo
and sold it to the tabloids.

Yet she was not self-
conscious; otherwise
she would have worn
a t-shirt.
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