January 4, 2008
Now taking submissions!

Well, technically we were always taking them, but I’ve finally posted the submission guidelines in an official capacity — so if you’re thinking of submitting, please do read them! They do go on for a while, but hopefully they’re not too dull a read. And like I say in the article, don’t let them discourage you from submitting if you really want to contribute! The site turns four years old (*gasp!*) on January 25, and I’d love to have some guest pieces on hand for the celebration. 😀

In other news, since my link to Ice Anvil Online was apparently dead, it’s been replaced with another link I’d meant to add a while ago but kinda lost track of — Random Action Hour. This site is actually part of a larger hub with a lot of cool stuff, but since there are all kinds of link buttons for the specific parts I decided to go with this one. Lots of fun cartoon recaps, including the two “Street Fighter” episodes we reviewed a while ago. 🙂

And speaking of links, I took care of this a while ago — back when I added the Creepy Freaks Halloween Countdown image to the sidebar on the main and category archives, I believe — but Popho.com and Warehouse8 are also included in the list now. So yes, plenty of sites for you to check out while you’re waiting for the next SC update.

Of course, you could also use that time to work on a submission. :mrgreen:

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  • Kacy says:

    Regarding your article, or rather what you said about articles you wouldn’t have wanted, I disagree with you about “Family Guy”, which by the way is clearly not written by manatees; that was just a stupid joke made by “South Park” they were jealous of its popularity.
    I do agree about hating The CW, but I mostly hate it ’cause it replaced The WB.

  • Wes says:

    Well clearly I don’t really think that “Family Guy” is written by manatees (if only because that would be kinda weird and would probably piss off PETA), but I do think that the quality of the show’s humor is such that it could have been written by manatees in a tank filled with idea balls. And yes, that was a reference to the “South Park” episode — I think “South Park” is pretty much superior to “Family Guy” in every way except when it comes to pointless irreverent humor that refuses to take into account any outstanding principles or sensibilities.

    Aside from some of the Saturday morning cartoons (which still air on the CW), The WB hadn’t been worth watching since “Angel” ended in 2004.

  • I have two questions.

    I’m thinking of reviewing the dollar-store ninja figures I got for Christmas. But, I’d also like to make a You-tube video where I review them. The vid would be sort of an “abridged” version of what’s in the article.

    Would that violate the “exclusive content” condition?

    Also, would it be possible to have the article link to the video?

    Anyway, as far as “Family Guy vs. South Park is concerned. I’d have to pick neither. They’re both ok, but nothing I’d make an effort to watch. I just put them on when there’s nothing else on. IMO South Park is way, way too preachy, and Family Guy tries way too hard. Plus, I don’t think either show is animated or written very well.

    My pick for best comedy cartoon is Invader Zim! I consider it much funnier than Family Guy or South Park ever are, and the animation and writing are really very well done. Nick can kiss my ass for canceling it.

    As for racial humor. To me, there’s a huge difference between spouting racist bullshit under the guise of ‘jokes’ (like Mencia who does indeed suck ass), and depicting an idiot character as being racially ignorant (like Sarah Silverman, who portrays a good-for-nothing idiot on her show). It’s the difference between promoting stereotypes (like suck-ass Mencia), and laughing at fictitious idiots for believing them.

  • trueBLUE says:

    Read the guildlines, sounds interesting. Need to brush up on my HTML skills though.

    As for this whole Family Guy vs. South Park arguement, I think people just need to take a fucking chill pill. I can understand angry fanboys/girls (having been in the Nintendo and anime fandom for quite a while, I have seen messy things), but arguing over two not-so-worthwhile “cartoons” is a bit silly.

    And I agree with Tetsu over [b]Invader Zim[/b] being the best cartoon comedy. The only things that come close to it are [b]Animaniacs[/b], [b]Tiny Toons[/b], [b]Cow And Chicken[/b], and [b]The Powerpuff Girls[/b]. Oh, and [b]Eureka Seven[/b]. Yes, I’m shallow.

  • Wes says:

    Tetsu: No, that wouldn’t violate the exclusivity clause, and yes you could link to the video at the end of the article. But unless you’re looking to incorporate the video into an ongoing series of YouTube reviews or are interested in the audience and comments of YT users, you could always have the video embedded here as well! Up to you, of course, but I pay enough for a ridiculously unnecessary space/bandwidth cap and would have no problems hosting the vid. 🙂

    I totally dig the preachiness of “South Park” — I don’t always agree with the positions the show takes, but I absolutely love that it takes them and supports them (albeit in its own weird and kinda funny way). Principled shows are far too rare, and “South Park”‘s overall approach with the clear viewpoints and current issues — at least for me — helps to keep it relevant and engaging.

    I too liked “Invader Zim”, though I think it kinda sucked towards the end when it pretty much became about GIR running around screaming in the midst of floating pigs. (IMHO, Clueless, kinda goofy, and humorously annoying GIR is far superior to screaming batshit insane GIR.) Actually, Jhonen Vasquez’s comic “I Feel Sick” — which I absolutely love — references the frustration that he felt while working at Nick. It’s pretty humorous, especially if you’re a fan of IZ and can recognize some of the parallels between what Devi is asked to do and how IZ changed in the later eps.

    My problem with Sarah Silverman’s brand of humor is that the general outcome is the same as Carlos Mencia’s — whether it’s meant satirically or otherwise, what you end up with is a more/less triumphant depiction of a racist moron. Silverman sets up the straw man, but she doesn’t ever knock it down. Presumably that’s left to the audience, but the problem is that all of my experience and understanding has convinced me that the audience will never knock it down completely — they’ll slap it on the wrist or giggle and call it stupid, but they’ll never outright reject it. I’d find Silverman a lot more palatable if her character were hanged at the end of a lot of the episodes.

    (Speaking of which, SP would be a good example here — yes, Cartman can be pretty racist, but he is a fat bastard nobody likes and spends a considerable amount of time getting his ass kicked. By contrast, Silverman is pretty cute and — in all of the episodes I’ve seen, anyway — always comes out on top. Granted, she’s not always a horrible racist on the show, but still.)

    trueBLUE: But HTML is totally not necessary! So long as you didn’t use too much BBcode, you’d be fine. 🙂

    I dunno that we were angry here regarding “Family Guy” and “South Park” (at least I wasn’t!) — and since I did mention it in the guidelines, it’s a valid discussion topic. Anyway, I totally give SP props.

    I give IZ props too, though! Not sure I’d call it the best cartoon comedy ever — I think I might have to give that one to “The Critic”. I loved that show. “Tiny Toons” gets an honorable mention for sure, though. And “Powerpuff Girls” can be funny, but I’m not sure I’d include it in this category. If we started bringing in superhero action comedy shows, “Teen Titans” would own everything.

    Unless, of course, we allowed animes in keeping with your mention of “Eureka Seven”… in which case “Azumanga Daioh”, “Lucky Star”, “Great Teacher Onizuka”, and “Excel Saga” — and a whole host of other shows spanning the last 30 years — would be stomping all over the place.

  • Tetsu Deinonychus says:

    To trueBLUE
    Eureka Seven is fantastic (check out my fanfiction)! I don’t really consider it a pure comedy though.

    Invader Zim is my pick for pure comedy (The Critic is good too). Overall, I love too many cartoons and anime shows to really compare, but I absolutely adore Code Lyoko again check out my fanfiction.

    I just from this article learned how to do bold/Italic text in HTML. It uses “” instead of “[ ]”.

    “I Feel Sick” is my favourite Vasquez comic too (JTHM comes in at a very close second). I can’t wait to find out more about the movie script he’s writing (Vasquez in the man).

    And yes, Cartman is a better example of what I’m talking about. But, I just love Silverman’s show (the gay stoner couple is the best part). It would be better if things backfired on her, though.

  • trueBLUE says:

    Tetsu: Never really considered Eureka “i”pure comedy”/i”, I just like the show because it doesn’t follow the typical Gundam-mecha BS storytelling (Renton throwing up in episode 5 made LOL for a bit). I also consider The Simpsons seasons 3 to 8 comedy gold. I will not use more recent Simpsons seasons because they’ve been disappointing, though the movie was funny (maybe season 10 funny…? =/).

    Wes: After re-watching a couple of PPG episodes, and some Teen Titans, I found Teen Titans far more enjoyable. Tara Strong’s performence of Raven out-classes Bubbles, but I still think her performence of Presea from Tales Of Symphonia trumps evenything else she had done.

    As for anime… Though Fullmetal Alchemist and Haruhi Suzumiya have been getting a lot of mainstream attention, they are still fun to watch. Both get TOO much attention, because the FMA manga isn’t as noticed as it should be (reading it for the extras alone is worth it, Hiromu Arakawa makes awesome extras considering her experience in 4koma comics) and Haruhi is considered a god-send (which is a bit too much, but then again, anime otakus are capable of anything).

    One series I would recommend watching is Ultimate Muscle. Laugh, but what other 4kids anime other then Pokemon has had a decent dub with most of it’s violence intact and no episodes cut AND another season made for American audiences?

    The Porygon and James with Boobs episodes don’t count for Pokemon though. 1. I don’t what a seizure and 2. a male on a kids anime with huge fake boobs is just so wrong. Then again, it’s anime.

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