January 5, 2006
Hot Flash ‘n’ Haiku combos in ’06!

Like the post title says, here’s the first Hot Flash and Haiku combo of the new year: Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #71 and A Crayon Haiku #42. It’s a curious mix between crude and charming, despicable and darling, tasteless and too-cute-for-words. Ah, contradictions and inconsistencies, how we love thee! Also, you might have noticed that we’ve skipped Hot Flash #70. All in due time, friends! All in due time. And it’s time for this entry to end, so we will see you later! Ja.

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  • Kristen says:

    Bacardi looks so purdy sleeping on your dirty floor…glad he found a clear space, lol

  • AWWWW says:

    I’m definitely sending you some mo douh for ttah dog and lol so grate!@@!1


  • So, what is this virginia mining controversy anyway. I stopped paying attention to current events when reality started to disgust me (election night ’04).

  • I meant to put a question mark after “anyway”.

  • Wes says:

    Tetsu: Well, the controversy is pretty flatly detailed in the comic (so the “joke” has less to do with the actual content of the comic than the presentation and the fact that I drew it at all). 13 miners got trapped in a shaft and somehow, after 12 of the 13 miners were found dead, it was “accidentally” leaked to the survivors that 12 of them were alive.

    As indicated by the quotation marks, I’m not sure whether I think the miscommunication was accidental or not. Of course, there have been a number of “explanations” and whatnot to try and rationalize the sitch, but I don’t think it would be at all out of character for officials to lie and then claim that they had “faulty intelligence” or some bullshit like that after the fact. Also, consider that the federal government got involved. In this comic, I take the position that they knew damned well what they were doing and simply wanted to have a bit of fun with the poor folks whose family members and friends died in that underground shaft. Which, given that the President has been known to make cruel jokes at the expense of executed prisoners, I also don’t think is entirely out of the question.

  • Geez, that’s pretty sick stuff. And, yes, it sounds pretty damn intentional to me.

    I’ll be sticking my head back in the sand now, if you’ll excuse me.

  • ninjawolf says:

    Actually, the explosion was in WEST Virginia. But hey, I can’t blame you for screwing up with how much reporters did it.

  • Wes says:

    Thanks for the update, Ninjawolf! And yeah, the media is my news source, so if they give the wrong details I’m going to be in error! Regardless of where it took place, though, the whole sitch is still pretty shady…

  • ninjawolf says:

    Yeh, I leave like 5 miles from were i happened. If you want to know the truth of what happened once they got the news, they weren’t exactly sad. I’d say they were anger because thats normally the emotion you have when you form an angery mob and attempt to kill the CEO of a major company until you enter a church.

  • ninjawolf says:

    Hey Wes, something with your images fucked up. In Haiku #42 instead of Bacardi it shows that cookie

  • Wes says:

    Weird! I just checked the files and everything’s in order, so I’m guessing the error resulted from 1and1 either backing up my files or transferring them to another disk. Every now and then the site has missing file errors during these times — and the system is set up such that in the event of missing files, it’ll try to rectify the difficulty by inserting a file with a similar name. Seems okay now, though. (Or are you still having problems?) Thanks for the heads up!

    By the way, the news also neglected to report on the apparent CEO murder attempt. How could they leave that out? That’s IMPORTANT!!!

  • ninjawolf says:

    Looks like that error sorted itself out. Now I’m just afraid of what Cyclops is doing to Batman in that picture.

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