January 11, 2006
Another Street Fighter cartoon review!

As promised, it’s the first Spectare review of the new year: a thorough summary and analysis of “Getting to Guile”, the fourth episode of “Street Fighter: The Animated Series”. Couldn’t you just die? I guess Chun-Li could, seeing as how she appears as a vampire in this episode. Bet that’s something you never thought you’d see! Or maybe you did, seeing as how she’s been known to do battle with succubi and ghosts and other such creatures of the night in Capcom’s crossover games. Ah well.

Also, in keeping with our continued efforts to support the 5-7-5 syllable revolution, here’s A Crayon Haiku #43. Yes, I actually did make this, and no, it wasn’t on purpose. It actually tasted a lot like the s’mores I made during a camping trip, only without the coughing of ash and the increased risk of developing lung cancer. There were no marshmallows either.

Thekla Reuten as ''Debbie'' in 'Everybody's Famous'

Oh, and per the opening remarks in the “Street Fighter” review, here’s an actual IM conversation between myself and a guy who apparently expected me to rip the content from or actually physically mail him my cartoon DVDs. Oh, and he also mistook me for a woman. While his rationale kind of makes sense, given that he referred to my buddy icon — which features the character Debbie from Everybody’s Famous — it’s entirely unacceptable given that he got my screen name from this site, which features several actual photographs of me and numerous sharpie-drawn illustrations. I mean, if you’re going to ask a someone whom you don’t even know to send you shit from his personal collection, you should at least learn enough about the person to not make that kind of mistake. And what’s up with simply assuming that people are using photos of themselves as their buddy icons? For over a year my icon was a screencap of Starfire — does that mean that people mistook me for a slender Tamaranian princess with an odd yet humorous and adorable manner of speaking? I wish I were, mind you, but still.

So this guy had actually messaged me once before and tried to convince me to do the same thing, but luckily my connection died in the course of the conversation and he was gone by the time I got back. I don’t have that convo, so this is the second one. Also, in the interest of getting to the good stuff, I’ve excised the introductory formalities. Enjoy! And remember, if you message me and say idiotic things, I may someday post the log on SC! I did have the decency to change this fool’s SN in order to protect his identity, though. Guess I’m not such a mean girl after all, eh? 😉

Capcom Dude (1:47:37 AM): ey amigo
Capcom Dude (1:47:47 AM): what’s ure a/s/l
Capcom Dude (1:47:59 AM): mine is 19/m/CA
Wes (1:48:01 AM): se/cr/et
Capcom Dude (1:48:09 AM): o c’mon
Capcom Dude (1:48:16 AM): it’s not like im a stalker
Capcom Dude (1:48:17 AM): lol
Capcom Dude (1:48:31 AM): i kno ure a chick 😉
Capcom Dude (1:49:06 AM): saw ure cute pic. 😀
Capcom Dude (1:49:16 AM): how old r u tho
Wes (1:49:16 AM): did you?
Capcom Dude (1:49:25 AM): uh huh 🙂
Wes (1:49:30 AM): where?
Capcom Dude (1:49:36 AM): secret
Capcom Dude (1:49:44 AM): u tell me ure age 1st
Capcom Dude (1:49:51 AM): then ill send u my pic.
Wes (1:50:05 AM): that’s okay
Capcom Dude (1:50:09 AM): j/k, it was ure DP the other day (w/ the blu hair)
Capcom Dude (1:50:16 AM): fine, ill webcam w/ u
Wes (1:50:22 AM): my DP?
Capcom Dude (1:50:26 AM): yea
Capcom Dude (1:50:30 AM): display puic.
Capcom Dude (1:50:33 AM): *pic.
Wes (1:50:34 AM): oh
Capcom Dude (1:50:39 AM): hehe
Wes (1:50:39 AM): right
Wes (1:50:48 AM): I forgot about that 😛
Capcom Dude (1:50:54 AM): k grl. r u gonna tell me ure age now
Capcom Dude (1:51:10 AM): im curious cuz u look around my age
Capcom Dude (1:51:18 AM): :-*
Wes (1:52:24 AM): it’s cool
Capcom Dude (1:52:31 AM): man ure hard 2 get
Capcom Dude (1:52:36 AM): damn…..
Capcom Dude (1:52:41 AM): neways it’s 1:44 AM
Wes (1:52:52 AM): yeah
Capcom Dude (1:52:54 AM): so im gonna go2 bed now
Wes (1:53:04 AM): sleep tight! :-*
Capcom Dude (1:53:10 AM): so did u wanna transfer the files 2 me 2morro
Capcom Dude (1:53:13 AM): plz. hun
Capcom Dude (1:53:15 AM): i really
Capcom Dude (1:53:19 AM): like SF a lot
Capcom Dude (1:53:28 AM): wat do u say
Wes (1:53:55 AM): I don’t have the means for it
Capcom Dude (1:54:02 AM): what do u mean
Capcom Dude (1:54:07 AM): can’t u do me a fave
Wes (1:54:11 AM): sorry
Capcom Dude (1:54:14 AM): i only installed AIM cuz of this
Capcom Dude (1:54:24 AM): why not tho
Capcom Dude (1:54:31 AM): i don’t understand ….
Wes (1:55:12 AM): I can’t rip DVDs
Capcom Dude (1:55:13 AM): im willing 2 trade nething in return w/ u if u please
Capcom Dude (1:55:30 AM): ill give u step-by-step instructions
Capcom Dude (1:55:35 AM): and the program
Capcom Dude (1:55:43 AM): u just gotta do the clicking
Wes (1:55:48 AM): my computer is way too slow for that
Wes (1:55:50 AM): sorry
Capcom Dude (1:56:01 AM): can u mail me the DVD then
Capcom Dude (1:56:04 AM): 4 Xmas
Capcom Dude (1:56:12 AM): :—-)
Wes (1:56:19 AM): sorry
Capcom Dude (1:56:26 AM): huh
Capcom Dude (1:56:44 AM): plz. plz. plz. i beg u sugar
Capcom Dude (1:57:00 AM): ill do nething
Wes (1:57:02 AM): ebay, sweetie
Capcom Dude (1:57:24 AM): its costing me over $30 tho
Capcom Dude (1:57:39 AM): i hav to pay in CDN $ and S&H is 2 much
Capcom Dude (1:57:54 AM): it won’t take long
Wes (1:57:54 AM): amazon.com, then
Capcom Dude (1:58:14 AM): ure the meanest grl ive ever seen
Wes (1:59:18 AM): that’s what all the boys say 😉

And for the record, if you really want to subject yourself to “Street Fighter: The Animated Series”, you really can snag it on the cheap on eBay. I actually purchased both this first set and the entire DarkStalkers series for under $20 including shipping, so I’m sure you can find something suitable. Granted, that just might cost you $30+ Canadian, but jeez, each SF set contains 3 DVDs and 13 episodes. If you really want to suffer through the animated exploits of Colonel William F. Guile (and thanks to our reviews you know what you’re getting into), you’ll pay. There are always trade-offs in life. 🙂

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  • agustinaldo says:


  • Greg says:

    Good, that was just wonderful!

    Wes, will you be my girlfriend?

  • Believe it or not, this was actually my favourite show for a brief period of time. I used to get up early just to watch it!

    ……I feel so ashamed.

    Actually, this was during the “action-cartoon-drought” of the mid-90s when there simply weren’t many action-cartoons on TV because Saban’s mangled renditions of Tokusatsu shows kinda took their niche. So, to be honest, a bad G.I.Joe rip-off with SF characters was alot better than nothing.

    For the record, I abandoned this show shortly after seeing the anime movie, and I never looked back.

    One episode, I would highly recommend for a review, is the one where Ken and Ryu went to visit their master, only to have to fight Akuma instead. In addition to being one of the few episodes that were actually “good” in the traditional sense it has a line that Scary-Crayon readers would appreciate.

    The American writers, not realizing the plural of “chi” is”chi”, not “cheese”, actually have Ken say to Akuma “You’re not so powerful when your not full of stolen cheese!!!”. I swear I could not stop laughing.

    Also, recommended are the episodes where Blanka meets a ferral tarzan-like kid in the jungle, that turns out to also be an alien for some reason. And, the one where Chun-Li falls for some kind of inter-dimensional Viking.

    Recalling these rediculous moments is making me fall in love with this rediculous show all over again. Is it really on DVD now? I can’t believe they’d bother. I’m totally checking the dollar store for it.

  • Wes says:

    Ha! Yeah, the eps you’re talking about are from the second set — way back when I did the first review, I actually had a tough time deciding whether to review the Rose ep or the one with Chun-Li and the viking from afar. As you see, the dancing statue and Blanka’s murderous rampage were enough to sway me in the opposite direction. And I’m totally planning to review the ep with the wild alien child someday. That one was hilarity.

    Good luck finding these sets at the dollar store — they’re actually somewhat rare these days as far as retail goes, but they’re all over eBay and Half.com. Go wild. 😉

    And don’t feel bad about liking the show! I somehow completely missed it during my younger years (which might have to do with the apparent fact that it primarily aired on cable TV), but I was an ardent watcher of the veeery similar DarkStalkers cartoon that aired at like 6:00 AM on Saturdays on the WB. And yeah, I have the box set of those eps too… so you can definitely expect to see Felicia and the gang making the scene on Scary-Crayon sometime in the future.

  • Well, my local dollar stores tend to get their hands on some somewhat rare DVDs lately, but I will keep E-bay in mind. (I at least want to dig-up the “stolen cheese” episode I mentioned).

    And, I also really dug the Darkstalkers cartoon when they showed it friday afternoons on UPN. I didn’t see too many episodes. I think the “Gonna be trouble” song during the credits was awesome, and felt the relationship between Felicia and that kid who I guess was her apprentice but seemed more like her underage boyfriend was awesomely weird. (Like a FLCL precurser)

  • Beat says:

    After seeing the end of 2V, well, last Friday, the various faults of this show are even more obvious. Animation stinks, the fight scenes stinks, the characterization is moronic, and anime Chun-Li and anime Cammy were cuter than their American counterparts.

    But there’s still something about Street Fighter that brings in people to buy stuff even today. Lord knows this toon wouldn’t have been anywhere near as memorable if it didn’t have the wacky cast of the 2D fighter.

  • ninjawolf says:

    Any show with that line about “stolen cheese” is memorable. By the way Wes, my friend invented a new food idea: a fucking microwaved bannana. He says they actually aren’t that bad, he covers them in whip cream. I’ve heard they have a tendencie to catch on fire though, so watch out for that. I’ve also made chessy marshmallows, but I used shredded cheese and couldn’t get it to stick, but the bit I tasted was alright. I also managed to make cheezy grahams, but with a real graham cracker. It tasted alright until about halfway through, then it was just to much.

  • Jenn Dolari says:

    You know…back in the day, I had a friend who worked at Capcom. He told me that the animators went WAY out of their way to make sure Chun Li had the best animation they could offer.

    Make your own jokes here. 🙂

  • Zarius says:

    You DO realize Steve Engleheart wrote “The Flame and The Rose” right? The guy who wrote Batman’s “The Laughing Fish”

    Anyway, I find your review of SF: The series a bit…uninformed, for one, it’s second season is actually it’s best and the Cammy trilogy was far closer to the games than the movie, if the series had a little more leverage it would have been incredible, but no, no, you have to pick on a few things you don’t agree with. Perfectly understandable.

  • Wes says:

    You DO realize Steve Engleheart wrote “The Flame and The Rose” right? The guy who wrote Batman’s “The Laughing Fish”

    Nope… and in any case, I’m not sure what that has to do with an episode of the Batman cartoon. Explain?

    Anyway, I find your review of SF: The series a bit…uninformed, for one, it’s second season is actually it’s best…

    Er… it’s been a while since I wrote this, but remind me where I said that one season was better than another. I will say that both of them were flipping insane, though!

    “…and the Cammy trilogy was far closer to the games than the movie…”

    I completely agree. Note that I wrote, “…for almost all intents and purposes this could be regarded as a legitimate continuation of the events depicted in the live action movie.” The key word there is “almost”. I didn’t include a lengthy list of all of the continuity discrepancies, choosing to mention only a few, but if I were to write an extensive comparison piece Cammy’s backstory would indeed warrant a bit of discussion.

    …if the series had a little more leverage it would have been incredible, but no, no, you have to pick on a few things you don’t agree with.

    Dude. This is a humor site (mostly, anyway)! My purpose in writing this review was not to defend the series or point out ways that it could have been better — my purpose was to summarize and mock the wacky developments and hopefully inspire a few chuckles while doing so. Sorry you were not amused!

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