January 16, 2012
This gal is not the least bit glam.

It’s been a while — but we’re finally back with a new article in 2012! It’s another toy review, but this one’s actually not exhaustively technical… probably because there’s not a lot to say about the Cutsie Pets Glam Gal & Pup set on a technical level (no really involved sculpting or paint, complex articulation to discuss, abundant accessories, etc.). And I tried, perhaps too hard, to be funny (and perhaps not hard enough not to come across like a weirdo freeeeak). Let me know if you laughed (and/or found yourself very, very frightened).

Welp, yes. New content soon! I’ve also been wondering about changing up the format of SC, or at least making more content “exclusive” to the blog — if only because it seems like people these days are more inclined to read shorter posts and comment when they don’t have to click an additional link to do so. I’m also thinking I’d like to have more video content, though I do not want to go the route of technical video toy reviews since I think video is the absolute worst format for those kinds of reviews. (I would be more inclined, however, to post three-minute videos of me cracking jokes about a toy or praising its merits in a largely superficial manner.) But it just seems like SC appeals to a certain kind of reader, and I’d like to broaden its appeal (a little) in the hopes of attracting more readers and maybe getting some (very) small measure of Internet fame/fortune out of the site. But we’ll see, and please let me know if you have any thoughts. 😉

And seriously, more content to come very soon! Stay with us. :mrgreen:

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  • RADIX says:

    I remember seeing a few dolls like that when I was a kid (though obviously not from that line).

    I would say “leave SC’s format the same”, but then, I’m somewhat averse to change and am probably not the best person to ask about it. :/

    • Wes says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if this doll’s sculpt has been making the rounds since our childhoods! It’s pretty outdated — not that that’s unusual among cheap dolls.

      And your input regarding the site is appreciated! While I’m looking for ways to appeal to new readers and get more content onto SC, I definitely don’t want to alienate longtime readers (and you’re one of our oldest readers who’s still around and comments regularly :)). What would probably happen is that articles would still be posted about as regularly as they are now — maybe an average of 1.5 every 2 weeks (though I’d like to improve that) — but there would be additional shorter pieces on the blog to fill the gaps, like quickie toy reviews and sketches and such. Part of the reason articles don’t appear that often is that I feel like they need to be substantial pieces (in part because the layout makes them seem particularly sparse if they’re not), so it takes me a while and a lot of effort to compose them to my liking. But with blog entries, even a comment response like this feels pretty robust and I wrote it in a few minutes. 🙂 And I am thinking of switching the haiku to the blog for the same reason — they don’t feel like substantial enough content to occupy full pages (though I guess I could post them in sets of 5+ to remedy that). We’ll see.

      But basically, I’m thinking the changes would be like what happened with X-Entertainment… except I definitely don’t want to favor the blog to the point of ultimately ditching the article format altogether.

  • Newt says:

    That’s not too terrible, you know, for what it is.

  • Mick says:


  • Mick says:

    Wait. I like the format of SC, too!

    • Wes says:

      Oh, it wouldn’t be changing much! Just that occasionally there’d be blog-only entries. I’m about to start writing one now, since I forgot to take my camera into a local toy fair this Sunday (and didn’t feel like hiking all the way back to my car in the cold to get it).

  • the Jax says:

    Ah, I did laugh…you got me with Planet Brainwomb. Looking forward to the Bacardi repaint. 🙂

  • Vicki says:

    I actually bought the purple haired version a few days ago..and I had actually intentionally attempted it TWICE. The first time their crappy machine wouldn’t take my check, and I actually came back to get that doll and some LPS blind bags. Anyway, I actually decided to keep her. I bought her because of her purple hair, since I collect purple cute things. But, I may decapitate her and find her a better body, since, call me crazy, I think her face is cute. It reminds me vaguely of Ddung dolls. At my DG, she was only $1, and one sounds a heck of a lot better than $40, plus not being able to find Ddung anywhere outside of Korea. She comes with a brown puppy, who can’t stand up on his own because of a bubble in the plastic. Which just drives home your point.

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