January 18, 2008
A Crayon Haiku #68!

Here’s a quickie for y’all: A Crayon Haiku #68. If you’ve been reading my personal blog, you know that I’ve been in the grip of an obsession with the Justice League and related DC Comics characters — which, with me, naturally entails amassing a (not necessarily) reasonable-sized collection of figures from said universe(s). Darkseid was one of my most coveted figures, so I’m glad to have finally acquired him! You might also have read that I got a light tent over the holidays — you can see lots of test photos on my blog, but this haiku marks the first official use of it for SC. That said, I also messed with some filters to grittify the photos for the heck of it. :mrgreen:

I’ve got another update planned for the weekend as well (another short story, woo!), so stay tuned for that. And remember, the site’s four-year anniversary is just a week away — so if you want to submit articles, make donations, and so forth to help commemorate the occasion and support SC into its fifth year, do feel free! All for now, then — Ja. 🙂

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