January 24, 2006
Scary-Crayon with video?

Hey all — this is just a test post. Not sure if you saw Sunday’s entry, given that there was no article attached to it (if you missed it, give it a read!), but at the end of the piece I linked a video clip from Madballs: Gross Jokes. As far as I know, folks have had mixed success with the clip, with some people being able to play it and others being unable to do so (and actually, I’m able to play it on my other machine but I only get video on this one), so I’d appreciate any input y’all have on the matter. Here are another few clip tests I’m trying in search of a file format that works for the majority of readers out there while still being fairly compact:

The introduction to the live action TMNT specials “We With You a Turtle Christmas” and “Turtle Tunes” in mov and swf formats. On my end, I the swf file plays correctly (you may want to right click it and uncheck “loop”, though), whereas I only get sound with the mov file. This may have something to do with my outdated version of Quicktime, though.

Two clips from Madballs: Gross Jokes, one in swf format, the other in mov. Same deal noted above, at least for me.

And if you know of any good utilities for converting to wmv or any other small and widely used file formats, I’m all ears! Ja ne, minna-san.

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  • wes,

    the WMV madballs clip plays perfectly here at my school’s computer lab.. – the SWF works, but looks shoddy as hell.. and the MOV doesn’t show video, but only audio.. – later.

    – brian

  • Greg says:

    Well, my computer isn’t the greatest in the world, but the WMV and MOV files work fine, and the MOV just play audio.

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