January 25, 2006
The Leonardo Celebratory Flip Off!

Hey there, Scary-Crayon fans! Still don’t have that promised food article (that’s next on the agenda; we’ll see if I can get it ready before midnight!!!), but here’s the other piece I said I might get up: The Leonardo Celebratory Flip Off!!! In this article, I compare the flipping abilities of the Ninja Action Leo figures from the old and new Playmates TMNT lines. It’s even got flipping mpegs! Enjoy.

By the way, can you tell that I did the title images for this article on my second computer? It’s interesting how the laptop display causes me to favor certain techniques over others.

Back in a few with foody goodness! Or not. Not because I won’t be back, but because “goodness” is totally the wrong word to use. Totally.

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  • ninjawolf says:

    I had something else in mind when I heard the title ” The Leonardo Celebratory Flip Off!!!”. I somehow excpected to see how one of your many, many Leonardo Figures lost all but their middle figure, which seems a little odd as I seem to remember all of the TMNT figures having all of the fingures attached.


    It’s really cool to see the art-style of old and new Ninja Action Leo side-by-side. You really should have compared them both to one of the non-action Leo figures being flipped via spatula, and make it a 3-way contest.

    Also, what’s the whole “Primal Rage repainting” issue? Maybe, that comic will start making sense to me if I know what that was about.

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