January 25, 2006
The Stale Cereal Wars!

Well, I promised that I’d try to get this final anniversary piece up before midnight, and here we are — with minutes to spare, Scary-Crayon presents The Stale Cereal Wars, a detailed commentary that reaches back to the days before the site was even created and discusses three year-old (and then some) cereals in the present day. Make sure to keep reading, because there’s a special guest appearance at the end of the piece! Or you could just scroll down, but then you’d miss the photos of me cringing at the godawful taste of these cereals. Ugh.

What have we got in store for Scary-Crayon’s third year? STAY TUNED!!!

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  • Molly says:

    This article was all kinds of hilarious.

    But mostly, it made me want to reach back into the bowl and try some more to see if the cereal was toying with me, giving me the freshest pebbles first before tricking me with the really nasty stuff deeper within.

    You are brave. Insane, perhaps. I ate cereal once that was a month past its expiration date and it was gross. But then again, it had been open a while. I do not like stale things.

    Happy anniversary! I’m off to read the other features at this time.

  • ninjawolf says:

    My brother claims that he had a friend who, once, while staying at our house, at a bowel of cereal that was about the size of a large strainer, so it was about half the box of cereal if not more, and half a gallon of milk. Of course, he also had a friend who ate a small frog (no more than an inch long and wide) for 1 dollar and a pepsi.

  • One time, I actually ate really stale chicken crackers I bought from my grocery store’s clearence section (conveniently put in small plastc bags instead of their original boxes). I actually ate the whole bag, but was VERY disappointed that they were so stale.

  • Calaquin says:

    You know, Peanut Butter Toast Crunch tastes like shit to begin with.

    The Fruity Pebbles tasting good makes sense, actually, since the Flinstones are their mascot. There have been several discoveries of well-preserved items from the past! (sorry, bad joke.)

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